Sunday, May 29, 2016



The noise is more and more Americans are in the labor force lose their hearing.

 An estimated 22 million Americans currently have a hearing loss. There is a prediction made by the National Institute on Aging that 28% of Americans in the country, which work required to lose some of their hearing in the next 25 years.

Hearing loss continues to grow, and different reasons can explain why. We live in a noisy environment, the director of vocational guidance and placement to work in New York League for the Hard of Hearing. People are dying at a much later age, as well as quit the job at a later age. Noise reigns in the workplace.

There are air conditioning, phones ringing, people talking, typewriters, copy machines. While they do not pass the limit, they are above the level of communication. Noise in the workplace must be at or below 85 decibel mark. To help employers and workers cope with the hearing loss in the workplace, the League and other organizations to provide assistance that they can.

Changes can be made for employers whose hearing officers to limit the tasks they can perform. Two possible things that can be done to ensure that in the amplified telephones and put the table away from places with a lot of noise. Few restructuring work so that someone else answers the phone. But sometimes you have to be pointed to the employer. When your leaders do not provide support, it may mean that they are not aware of the support that they can provide for you.

For changes in the office arrangements, it instructs the employee to verbalize what is needed. For example, if an employee needs a piece of equipment, it can get the numbers and costs for models and inform their supervisor for approval and action. With regard to the areas that are too noisy, the employee must make them known, so it can be relocated.

While the job is the same for the hearing impaired and no impairment can make things more complicated. Doubt in itself is something often seen. The applicant believes that it has only very few options to choose from because of his impairment. Call for interview appointments other difficult situation that needs to be addressed by the applicant. When detect violations is something to consider as well.

established worker worried about losing their jobs, or decrease. He may try to hide the violation, leaving the natural interaction in meetings and with other employees. It can be misconstrued as a lack of motivation.

perfect way to process the job and job currently transparent. It is advisable to just tell the head of impairment during an interview, and not put it on a resume.

the applicant can talk about it and make things clearer for the employer, who is required by law not to ask anything about it. New and established staff can help train its managers on the impact of the impairment with the help 
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