Tuesday, May 10, 2016

observed on iPhone 7 nagging feature smart people

observed on iPhone 7 nagging feature smart people

observed on iPhone 7 nagging feature smart people

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Although the iPhone is very easy to use, but still have a lot of annoying feature lets users who feel powerless, that "you could not understand me, and I can not afford to look dry" is not the minutes make you want to destroy it ?

iPhone abuse me a thousand times, but I iPhone as my first love! Faced with this annoying feature, smart people have been turned off!

1, a message rang twice

Many babies are met SMS snooze troubles, in fact, this is the iPhone default leakproof connection function. Honestly, baby each message in the first pass when prompted know, it just do not want to open the phone.

Close method: "Settings" - "notice" - "information", the "snooze" is set to "never", will only receive messages behind a beep.

2, no egg with Handoff

When you log on the same iCloud account on your iPhone, iPad and Mac computers, Handoff this feature is that you can make through iCloud accounts can have the same operation between devices. However, this feature a lot of people do not have access.

Close method: "Settings" - "General" - "Handoff and recommended application" will " Handoff " Close to ok friends.

3, ad tracking, who betrayed you?

Babies feel iPhone is not recommended especially targeted ads? Fifty-one arrived in a place, they received all kinds of strange hotel ad. In fact, this is the iPhone ad tracking, according to the user's location, attention content, use habits to show more directional advertising.

Setting method: "Settings" - "Privacy" - "advertising", the "Limit Ad Tracking" Open.

4, sending diagnosis and dosage, I'm not sick!

By day, the phone will automatically send diagnostic and amount of data to help Apple improve products and services, but this feature will collect all due to the collapse of the generated log files on your phone, but also includes information such as geographic location. This feature in our daily use and with no eggs, but also a waste of traffic.

Close method: "Settings" - "Privacy" - "Diagnosis and consumption," Turn it off!

5, Airdrop not often have power

Airdrop is for Bluetooth-enabled iOS devices, if you have been turned on, iPhone will automatically search for the peripheral device can establish a connection, of course, is power.

Close method: From the bottom of the screen, pull " control center " - " AirDrop sharing ", click "Disable", etc. when needed again.

6, WiFi assistant, assistant who you are?

When WiFi is unstable when the phone will automatically switch to the mobile network, we knew it would cost a lot of traffic, the next charge calls directly notify baby!

Close method: "Settings" - "Cellular", and finally pulled down - close the "Wireless LAN assistant" to get!

7, asking whether to join the new WiFi network, WiFi dare you even casually?

Even if you have closed above the "WLAN Assistant" and then when you do not have a mobile phone network, the system will continue to recommend nearby wireless network with you, the key is you do not even dare?

Close method: "Settings" - " Wireless LAN ", and then close the "Ask to Join Networks."

Simple steps, turn off the top seven features, life insurance traffic, easy and safe! You learn it?

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