Sunday, May 29, 2016



If you thought, rejecting the Ipod headphones was enough to preserve your hearing, think again. New research is constantly discovering new causes of hearing loss, and some of them quite unexpected ... the â € ¢ folic acid deficiency - A new study in the December issue of the journal Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery of the Nigerian 126 healthy men

and women over the age of 60 found that those who had low levels of folic acid, vitamin B, were closely associated with hearing loss at high frequencies. â € œAge related hearing loss may be associated with poor micronutrient, the â € said study author Akim Olawale Lasisi. â € œThe role of folate in cellular metabolism, the nervous system, and vascular function are important for the auditory system.â €

â € ¢ Passive smoking - A new study suggests that prolonged exposure to secondhand smoke can cause hearing damage and hearing loss. Experts believe that the reason for that hearing damage is the fact that tobacco smoke may disrupt blood flow in the small vessels of the ear, starving the body of oxygen and leads to the accumulation of toxic, damage, cause waste in the ear.

â € ¢ Calories - Scientists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison have found that eating less can reduce the age of hearing loss. Enzyme SIRT3, which is produced by the body when we eat less than our normal caloric intake, reduces the damaging effects of free radicals have on the human body, including sensitive skins ears.

â € ¢ DNA - researchers in Germany and Britain recently revealed a newly discovered type of DNA, microRNA, as a reason for early hearing problems in children, in which the tiny hairs in the cochlea are responsible for the collection to the sound, does not develop properly. â € ¢ Viagra - in a recent study at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, a clear link between the ears hearing and the use of Viagra has been demonstrated. Communication between the user and a prescription drug is considered to be due to the ability of other € ™ s to increase blood flow throughout the body, damaging sensitive tissue.

â € ¢ Work - Many people donâ € ™ t realize that work-related hearing loss is a huge social and economic burden in Australia, although the impact of noise is the most common preventable cause of occupational hearing loss.
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