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There are five elements of Mother Nature, that our body consists of five elements. Dirt is one of the five elements.

When all the elements of nature are in balance, the body and mind hale and hearty, and the body becomes disease free. Of the five elements, dirt is the earth element. This procedure was found to be particularly useful in the recovery from many diseases, including constipation. Mahatma Gandhi also used to practice this therapy to get relief from constipation.

Mud therapy is widely used because of its many health benefits. Nature cure mud therapists use to cure many diseases in the body, including wounds, boils, bruises and many other diseases. Usually, this treatment is used in conjunction with other treatments like hydrotherapy. Mud used clay and is used in various parts of the body. Mud eliminates or reduces the toxic elements with mud pack absorbs toxins from the body. Mud pack opens skin pores, improves blood flow to the skin, relieves congestion and and reduces body temperature. The latch is also been found that very effective.

mud Features

1. Since dirt retains water for a long time, it cools the body when applied and maintained for the duration of treatment. 2. In the case of constipation, mud soothes the stomach and intestines removes heat and eliminates constipation. 3. Dirt cheap and readily available. You can also buy it online.

mud Technique

Mud is a very simple method of treatment, and really effective. Mud is used for this should be clean and made of 3 to 4 feet. Depth from the surface of the earth. Usually the ground near the tanks that black is appropriate. It should not be contaminated with stone pieces or chemical fertilizers, etc. in dirt. It would be nice if before using, mud dried, sieved and the powder to get rid of small stones, grass particles and other pollutants.

Knead the mud adding water in a proper amount, so that the dirt is not too tight nor containing too much water. Apply the mud in the whole area of ??the patient's abdomen. Time mud pack should be about 50 to 60 minutes and is repeated within three days. After about an hour the bath occupies preferably with cold water, and if it is too cold can use warm water. Wrap a blanket after bathing.

How it works

Application of mud on the stomach absorbs heat and activates the intestine. It is effective in reducing heat and stimulates intestinal bowel movement, thus helping to eliminate feces. When applied to the abdomen, it provides relief in all forms of the stomach and other gastric disorders.

Various other mud for Easy Cure Constipationadvantages of the mud

1. Stomach pain, arthritis patients also benefit from the mud. 2. Application package over the eyes is useful in cases of conjunctivitis, bleeding in the eyeball, itching, allergies, refractive errors like nearsightedness and farsightedness, and is particularly useful in glaucoma, where it helps to reduce eye pressure Apple. 3. Mud pack to put on a head has been found to be effective in congestive headache and provides fast relief from headaches. 4. Many skin diseases are also cured and the skin becomes shiny.

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