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birthmark can, of course, in different cases like this it is a cherished mark of its beauty, as well as in many others, this mysterious sign, that may seem like a magic show just before or immediately after the child's arrival is often considered unsightly, embarrassing and disfiguring.

 It may be surprising to find that the birthmark in fact so widely that they can be found in at least one out of ten children born, worldwide.

Over time, there were and still are many people who believe these types of characters are inherited through genes relatives. While a handful of types of birthmarks, which are numerous medical research projects that have been implemented have seen that most of them are not genetic. It is not clear why vascular birthmarks appear on some individuals and not to show to other people.

These types of signs are made up of lesions on the skin, which is usually called nevi or nevi many doctors. It is a fact that different types of birthmarks may appear on the skin of the face in a variety of different colors, shapes and sizes, but in general they are raised area of ​​skin, it is reddish in color and soft to the touch.

Although there are many types of characters that can stain specific human skin, they are usually placed in one of the following groups:

Vascular Birthmark vices - a special type of birthmark, usually can be seen as soon as your baby is born, and in fact often due to blood vessels, which may not be properly developed. Port-wine birthmarks known variety that falls under this particular category.

Pigmentation birthmarks - There is a wide range of different types of birthmarks, which can be grouped in a class of pigmentation and includes Mongolian spots, coffee cream spots and moles are common. Despite the fact that most of the mole is not a sign of anxiety, thoughts and opinions of health professionals need to be purchased if your mole looks like it is an unusually large or if it is an odd-shaped.

Hemagiomas - Birthmarks that would fall under this category such as birthmarks lesions that do not turn off until a few weeks after the birth of the little.

Mascular spots - a kind of mole is most often referred to as a salmon patch birthmark. Their appearance, as a rule, light pink color, but there are portions that are flat, where the color change is visible. Top eyelids and nape people moles - a sign of beauty or embarrassment?  .and are the most common places that this type of sign will be displayed.
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