Monday, May 2, 2016

Memory is full again? 16GB free space on the iPhone

Memory is full again? 16GB free space on the iPhone

Memory is full again? 16GB free space on the iPhone

Not all memory, storage space is full ...... estimated that the long-standing pain 16GB user. Every clean phone memory, delete do not know the signs should not stay, people are always very troubled. It does not move deleted when it is inevitable regret not spend hundreds of dollars to buy the 64GB. But today, Xiao Bian give you brought a pleasant surprise! Do not think too much, easy steps to help you clean up memory, free up space.

Apple actually gave 16GB version (beggar edition) iPhone user left a huge egg. Strictly speaking, eggs are left to all iPhone users, but users are more beggars needs, and easier to eat While eggs - Believe it or not, do not delete any app, any photo or video, iPhone will own nice to think of ways to help you make "massive" available capacity?

Eggs usage is this:

Suppose iPhone only available capacity 1GB, then choose a size more than 10GB of movie purchase or rent (not really buy) in the iTunes Store, then the system will remind " lack of available storage space to download ."

To witness the miracle of the moment, and this time you come back to see the iPhone available capacity, you will find that it is likely to become a 2GB. Not finished, return to iTunes Store just repeat the action, you will find the iPhone could become available capacity of 3GB.

Been doing down, iPhone will continue to find ways to free up space to continue until the powerless. Do pay attention here, looking for a great space movie, otherwise in case of iPhone really frees up enough space to really start the download, and this time dumbfounded.

We may look at the above text is not a good understanding, then we give an example to see beggars iPhone 6 available capacity from 537MB to 3.3GB instance:

1, first check the current available capacity, the path "Settings - General - iCloud storage space and the amount." Here is 537MB.

2, open the iTunes Store, choose a high-capacity film. Where the election is "Let the bullets fly", 1080p HD 4.97GB size of this phone is concerned enough.

3. Select "¥ 1.00 buy" and wait for the pop-up "could not be downloaded" notice.

4, now go see the available capacity, it has become a 1.6GB (wow, amazing, and quickly transferred to other beggars and see).

5. Repeat steps 2 to 3, and found that the available capacity into a 2.4 GB (Is not believe ah).

6, and then repeat the above steps 2-3, found that the available capacity into a 3.2 GB (not excited).

7, repeat the above steps 2-3, it found that the available capacity into a 3.3 GB (there is hope?). After more than a few continue to retry, eventually becomes only 3.3 GB (Apple tried).

8, well, so far. Let's look at Apple do, please pay attention "is cleaning ..." treasure icon on the words.

In other words, Apple help clean it is not so important that the contents, no significant effect on users. Alipay example, the bloated app usually consume more than 500MB, iPhone to pretend to be a movie, select it in silence, and then automatically get rid of some of its old cache file, it takes up space back to 150 MB about normal state. If you are careful enough, you will find time to re-open Alipay, avatars will reload it, the photo album quality is compressed.

While eggs are found on, it said that it already exists for a long time. If you see this article, Apple has fixed this "loophole", please do not blame us. Who told you so poor!

It should be noted that the provisions concerning the purchase or rent a movie, the situation referred to herein Chinese mainland. Some different national policies, click on the "buy or rent" may be a direct payment (whether the download is successful), then need to request a refund.

For this simple method to clean up phone memory, we all get to it? Too full of mobile phone users rush to try it!

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