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How to control premature ejaculation It was one of the very sought-after issues, as requested hundreds of men all over the world for many years. However, with the improvement and advancement in medical science, every era of medical revolution came with a variety of methods to control premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation, the language of the layman, is a failure in the management of the orgasm and coming much earlier than expected in a sexual partner 

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or yourself. Many methods help to overcome an awkward question. Let's learn some of the basic methods of control premature ejaculationâ € | Solution # 1: It should be noted that in the missionary position (position with a man on top of the woman with both facing each other), men are likely to come easier and earlier. According to sexologists and psychologists, it is the preferred reverse position during lovemaking. Having said this, a woman has the right to ride her man. However, a person can maintain and control its movement in case he wants to extend further. Solution # 2: How to control premature ejaculation? Practice ejaculation! Having sex can often be one of the natural cures for early ejaculation. By J. Francois, MD, director of the Department of erectile dysfunction Hospital Medical Center in New York -Cornell in New York City says how to make practice perfect person, why so often, sex makes man the master in management of ejaculation. Solution # 3: A healthy diet and lifestyle should be adopted in order to stop premature ejaculation. In some cases, physical changes can result. Inadequate blood supply to the genital areas (penis and scrotum) contributes to early menopause. Eating a diet low in fat and low cholesterol is recommended to increase virility in men. Solution # 4: Managing the dependence (especially tobacco and alcohol) is important to stop premature ejaculation without drugs. Tobacco, alcohol, caffeine and medications such as have a negative effect on the brain, it does not feel the excitement during lovemaking. Solution # 5: Opt for some herbs that are classified as natural aphrodisiacs. Taking these herbs on a regular basis for a certain period of time a way to control ejaculation. Herbs known to support the treatment of ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and low libido include Ashwagandha is, ginkgo, ginseng, spirulina and velvet bean (Kaucha), Triphala, etc. Shatavari

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