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iPhone5s turned iPhoneSE modified only 120 yuan

iPhone5s turned iPhoneSE modified only 120 yuan

iPhone5s turned iPhoneSE modified only 120 yuan

As a positioning "entry level" of Apple's latest iPhone - iPhone SE officially opened for sale a. Has a little heart Xiaobian never expected that my omnipotent heavenly people has launched iPhone 5s modified iPhone SE service, after 5s lookalike, fingerprint recognition and motion sensors a lot ...... and the price is attractive, as long as 120 yuan soft sister coins!

Although relatively small series weekdays thrift, but behind every successful man there is a woman is not? Yes, that is the small series that prodigal ladies.

The way it is ...

But also how it special! With the knee would like to know Prodigal Wives want to change mobile phone!

Words, although I do not have money to small series, but there is not a brain? For mobile phones can not be done, and another case is not Shoudaoqinlai? Thus, small series on a treasure just after scouring the shell of an iPhone SE, began shedding yourself - although trouble spots, but also save at least a manual fee.

Well, out of the way, I want to start small series installed the beep!

Conversion costs lower than a iPhone SE more

First, let's calculate an "iPhone SE" costs:

In fact, if the lettering directly on the rear case of iPhone 5s (engraved SE) Huaqiangbei only need 60 yuan, but only if the use of lettering difference between the font and spacing will be genuine, far away, I thought only need 120 yuan will be able to owned SE, or converted mind to come to buy good housing.
On a treasure on 5s converted SE Results

As of April 3, on a treasure there have been a lot of 5s converted SE chassis, greatly accelerates the end of March to buy time, only a mere 2 to 3, the shop now has a whole page up. Price from 95 yuan to 200 yuan there. In fact, a single image from their view, a goods are from the same supplier, only cheap housing (including buttons and other necessary accessories), you will be free shipping, gift modification tools, and even send gifts to support repair ( Send help you change the past) services.

SF to force the next morning put the little brother to the modified material PConline evaluation room. (Battery and plug the small end plates do not necessarily want to change, but in the hands of a small state 5s just appeared, by the way replace it)
Tuning Parts List

As an economical man, small reluctantly accompany their contribution out of many years of iPhone 5s, then quietly took out many years ago used Nokia 1100 (spare machine) ...

Difference to a simple comparison 5s and SE appearance before modification

In addition to iPhone SE rose more than a color other than gold, it is almost not much difference between the iPhone 5s and appearance, but it will not be too difficult to identify. Trimming iPhone SE metal box on the use of sandblasting, while iPhone 5s is the surface finish.

Of course, these two phones the most easily recognizable place is part of the back cover of the Logo, iPhone 5s only iPhone, but the font is reflective, but also the SE Logo "SE", the font will not be reflective.

lightning port, headphone port, and screw the metal ring, silver look here for silver, pink on pink, nothing special, but if you look down, you know why small series to highlight this place.

(Converted at risk, think twice ah)

Want to know more details of iPhone 5s converted SE? Want to know What is the difference between genuine and imitation SE SE? Please read the following content!

Graphic conversion process focused review

iPhone 5s dismantling part of the review

From the iPhone 5 beginning with a full metal body design, while iPhone 5s also began dismantling the two Torx screws from the bottom, first remove the two screws at the bottom.

After removing the screws, with chucks the lower half of the screen, so that a gap between the screen and the body, followed by plastic fins detach screen and body.

Note that the separation of the fuselage bottom Touch ID module and the motherboard connection cable, if ripped Touch ID on gg (from the loss of fingerprint recognition) a.

After the Touch ID cable separation, the power line metal mounting plate removed, unplug the power cord. Completely cut off the power supply.

Demolition four screws through the screen, the handset cable metal reinforcing plate, unplug all cables covered.

Tail-plug small plate, a speaker module, motherboard, camera module and battery removal.

Difficulty: Because iPhone uses different specifications screws fixed to the internal parts, after all disassemble the screw press position laid out, and the board is fixed using screws picture, needs the word screwdriver to disassemble.

After dismantling the motherboard and battery, you can see the bottom of the battery as well as a cable, which is connected to the volume button, mute button, flash, power button integrated cable, of course, connected to the antenna, vibration motor cable .

Difficulty: The power button between the metal mounting plate and housing pin with the screws provided, before the need to first remove the power button to remove the screws, then rotate about the pin-point turn 120 °, can be successfully removed.

iPhone "SE" section installed Review

First, the antenna on the top row of wire-bound body, here recommend using double-sided glue cable and housing bonds, so the cable loose.

Install the power button, metal ring facing up. Since the processing accuracy, deputy factory shell, so the deputy factory with metal ring can not be used, it can only split the keys back to the original 5s some parts reused.

Next, install the power, volume keys cable (also recommended the use of double-sided adhesive glue), plug the small end plate module.

Difficulty: power, volume keys cable installation requires attention to the installation portion of the pin body, it is recommended to install the Power button (with cable) and then into the pin. The small plug end plate portion, since the sub-chassis plant no matching holes metal ring, so it needs an overhaul back reused 5s cabinet.

After installing the screen bracket shell, followed by a variety of cable at the bottom, you can install the motherboard, vibration motor, the cameras parts.

The last part is the battery, the new battery cable need to be bent to look smooth installation.

Battery housing portion labeled "Advanced Tape" (actually a small series do not know this stuff Jiaosha), then attach the battery, plug in the power cord and tighten the metal reinforcing plate.

Screen, the handset cable section, the order of installation and removal just turn, say no more.

Then to start the test without the screen fastening metal body. Apple appears to wait for the moment, very excited ah.

Try again after the function is normal (at this small series projecting third hand), normal function, the screen is pressed into the metal body, fastening, twist the two Phillips screws at the bottom. Refit complete! If the function is not normal, and regardless of the ...

Teach you identify iPhone SE and pirated iPhone SE

After the conversion is complete, we use this fake iPhone SE and iPhone SE really compare to see what is the difference between them. (So-called foot step ahead, the following authentication process for reference only)

Different Touch ID metal ring : As modified without changing the screen with Touch ID module, modified after the Touch ID will still be the original machine 5s silver. (JS can also replace this circle, or directly converted into non-5s rose gold SE)

Different interfaces metal ring : high imitation iPhone SE chassis no supporting metal ring, we can only go back to the original machine, which allows the color and the rear shell of the metal ring does not match. (JS can also put these metal rings are replaced, directly or converted into non-5s rose gold SE)

Apple Logo process is different : high imitation Apple Logo iPhone SE chassis portion 5s, like, using the integrated design, and genuine iPhone SE of the Logo and 6, is an independent module embedded in the stainless steel shell after opening on, so feel / visual experience will be different, false: Logo with a flat rear case, really: Logo with two independent rear housing plane. (JS SE after high imitation can shell Logo made ​​detachable module, but the news is not found on a treasure temporarily)

After obviously genuine shell color / feel different : false SE subdued after the shell color and grainy surface significantly higher color saturation after shell genuine SE, surface feel more delicate. (However, if there is no contrast, color and feel it is difficult to make judgments)

Chamfered surface of the fuselage craft different: genuine iPhone SE uses a matte texture treatment performed after chamfering, and after high imitation SE shell is like high 5s as chamfer after light sanding. (JS SE after high imitation can shell chamfer grinding process for processing, but the news is not found on a treasure temporarily)

In fact, in addition to the above points it must be noted that after the shell high imitation SE workmanship is very poor, especially in the upper and lower ends of the plastic block with metal part of a large gap also exists occasionally tilt situation.

Written in the last

Since the iPhone SE looks like 5s, it is destined to a considerable number of 5s converted SE machines will appear on the market, be sure to stay in mind before you buy. However Xiaobian say, iPhone internal parts Cheetos! complex structure! Do not be opened ah!

Finally, in fact, iPhone SE and 5s gap in terms of experience is quite large, especially in response to the above speed, hands on this small series of 5s iOS 7 and iOS SE 9 compared to double-click the Home button to call in both the multitasking interface at a fairly, but if the upgrade 5s to iOS 9, I can not guarantee that small series can be so fast. Of course, in addition to the shell after use 5s modified SE, a treasure there are many 5 / 5c corresponding modified chassis, can be changed to SE or "6s mini", interested friends can find out.

Overall, iPhone 5s to perfect transfiguration iPhone SE, just 120 yuan! But the essential difference between the core is still there, you can install a device but did not use any eggs.

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