Monday, May 2, 2016

iPhone practical tips How to Customize Ringtones

iPhone practical tips How to Customize Ringtones

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 iPhone practical tips: How to Customize Ringtones

Personalize each user you want to pursue, then the default ringtone for iPhone within our whether you cheesed out? Xiao Bian today to teach you about how to customize your own personalized ringtones. Although the steps a little more, but it has always been a small series will introduce you a detailed presentation. Of course, if the trouble of a small partner, may wish to [ XY Apple Assistant PC side ] easily help you import your favorite ringtones.

The first step: Turn on your computer iTunes, the menu top left corner of the "File" - "Add File to Library", add your favorite music file ( must be mp3 format ).

Step Two: After completion, the "music" - "Playlist" - "recently added" We found add music files. Right this document - select "Get Info."

Step 3: pop, find the "Options" tab, set the interception of music start time and stop time , time must be 40 seconds (iPhone mobile phones currently only interception 40 seconds of music files ), it is determined to complete.

Step 4: Rebuild the right music files - select "Create AAC Version."

Step Five: At this point, the emergence of a new file with the same name (exactly the time set just 40 seconds edition).

Step Six: Select the new music files (40 seconds) - Right - to select "Show in Windows Explorer" option.

Step Seven: In the "Windows Explorer", the file extension from the "m4a" to " M4R " .

Step Eight: changing for the better file extension - Double-click the file, then the file will be automatically added to the iTunes library.

Step 9: The iPhone connected computer, iPhone management page "Sounds" tab - Select ringtone - Click "Apply" to synchronize.

Step 10: Finally, we open the iPhone, "Settings" - "Sound" - "phone ringing", you can find just sync ringtones.

Through the above 10 steps, we create and set up our iPhone Ringtones, the difficulty is not great, but a little more than a little step. Students want to have personalized ringtones can try. Finally a reminder, at the time of the interception must keep ringing within 40 seconds.

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