Tuesday, May 10, 2016

iPhone practical answer and questions | how to iphone

iPhone practical answer and questions | how to iphone

iPhone practical answer and questions | how to iphone

Are you sure you know your hands this little iPhone? In fact, there are many users for some practical working knowledge of iPhone are not well understood. XY observation period, Xiaobian summarize some iPhone practical operating methods and techniques, in question-are expanded, we want to help.

How to charge iPhone?

iPhone is the correct charging method used with the charge, can be recharged at any time as long as you can plug it in to charge, do not wait until iPhone battery runs off before charging, so that the iPhone battery harmful.

How to stop the rotation of the iPhone screen?

Double-click the Home button, swipe to the right to the bottom of the admin player controls the column, click on the left button, the lock symbol appears, indicating that at this time the screen is locked. iPhone usually need to shut down?

You do not need to shut down, as long as you can go to sleep. Usually a state-click the power button to sleep mode, press the power button, there will be a red slide off the slider. iPhone crashed how to do?

Long press the power button and the power [Home] key, keep pressing, according to the shutdown of the red slider appears, shutdown, restart, restart it sometimes take longer, be patient. If it has been opened up, and that is the legendary white apple , and the need for additional solutions. How to edit text on the iPhone?

Click any editable text twice, select appears highlighted area, you can cut, copy and paste functions. iPhone how to quickly set mute?

Press and hold down the volume button and holding for 2-3 seconds, iPhone will change to silent mode. How the iPhone contents of the above screenshot?

Press the power button [] and [Home] key, the screen blinks, the screen shots success. The trick is: first press the [Home] key, then quickly press the [Power] key. iPhone how to quickly return to the top of the browser page?

Touch only the top of the iPhone gray column title at the can, a lot of fruit fans in the process of using it is easy to overlook the shortcut, and always like to return to the top of the slide content interface. Why iPhone marked a capacity of 16G, 14G is actually only available space?

iPhone16G capacity of 14G show a little more generally, occupied capacity includes the operating system and the software that comes with the iPhone. Another reason is the unit conversion error. The difference between 1024 and 1000 led to a different calculation results. iPhone quick camera button do?

iPhone camera and the App have some little innovation in the lower right corner of the lock screen has a camera icon to open Camera App. If you hurry to take pictures, the left side of the fuselage volume buttons can also be used as a shutter button, so just hold down the shutter button or the volume keys when taking 10 photos per second continuous shooting. He took a series of photos that you can choose their favorite of.

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