Monday, May 2, 2016

iOS9.3.2beta beta upgrade graphic tutorials

iOS9.3.2beta beta upgrade graphic tutorials

A lot of problems Apple iOS9.3 system, usher iOS9.3.1 upgrade Not long after Apple released a beta version of the update iOS9.3.2beta. Build 13F51a is now available for download in the Apple Developer Center.

As a small iOS9.3.1 beta version of the update, this update mainly bug fixes and improvements, according to foreign media broke the news, the only one currently known to improve the control center to open more quickly under the horizontal screen mode. So how iOS9.3.2beta beta ordinary users do? The following small for everyone to share ordinary users can also upgrade iOS9.3.2beta beta tutorial.

Ready to work:

iphone device power needs of more than 50%, if the battery is low, connect the charger, carried out in the state of charge;

Iphone devices before upgrading, it is recommended to connect wifi, by going to Settings -> Wireless LAN -> then connect to Wifi.

Ps. Since this is a small bug fixes, update files of about 1.5G, the file is quite large, it is recommended to download the network download speeds in good conditions, while ensuring adequate power.

iOS9.3.2beta public beta process steps:

First, go to [ Apple Developer Center to download ], qualified users can Apple's official profile.

Second, you will then be prompted to install the profile of pop, top right, click [install] button, as shown below.

Third, the next will ask us to enter iphone device lock screen password, then click [Install] button to continue, as shown below.

Fourth, installed after the request to restart the phone, and finally into Settings - General - Software Update - detected iOS9.3.2 beta upgrade, download and install.

The small version of the update will no longer do not know what the big basket, the user does not have permission to update the official version coming soon to come!

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