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On the outer ear lost hearing can still be saved. From the University of Iowa, one associate professor of audiology demonstrates that long-term noise exposure causes damage to the inner ear, which negatively effects the rumor.

 He spoke recently Noise Symposium at the University of Iowa, sponsored by the Technical Assistance Center via the noise by the Environmental Protection Agency of the US media.

Damage to the cilia, the tiny hair cells in the inner ear, the noise causes hearing loss. The brain receives and interprets the electrical signals sent cilia each time when they are stimulated. Bored in the sense of hearing age price. Prolonged exposure to loud music can speed up the process, however.

Cilia not recover from any damage, unlike other cells. Hearing aids can go so far as to amplify sounds, but they are useless in helping to distinguish sounds. Damage The first results in the loss of soft, high frequency sounds. People who suffer from hearing loss often feel isolated because they can not communicate or see things properly.

the general public can make a connection between hearing loss and noise, but they do not recognize its impact on overall health. Noise is not a risk factor for any disease, but it will worsen existing disease. Stress and insomnia of music, which in turn lead to hypertension and peptic ulcer disease. With a loud noise coming adrenaline reaction, complete with elevated blood pressure, increased respiration rate, and muscle tightening.

Not to grant the noise does not fall off the stress response. Response to stress may increase or aggravating stress, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, ulcers, headaches, asthma, and colitis. Sleep is disturbed by noise, and it was well documented. There are many people who would tell you what it is. Noise and reduces sleep time and sleep quality.

While noise can cause insomnia, it will definitely make your sleep more shallow. First came drowsiness and inefficiency, and then using a variety of health problems. Anti-social behavior, suicide and homicide are the extreme manipulation of emotions and behavior of the noise. When people call for help, they can not be heard because of the noise.

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