Wednesday, May 18, 2016



For some reason, the stoma is still subject stops the conversation in the middle of the stream even in this day and age when anyone can say anything about anything. Yes, ostomy topic is still very much a taboo, and could likely be there with impotence and hemorrhoids.

In order to break the stigma of ostomy, it should be taken out in the open, free trial. It should be more in the mainstream, and there should be a topic that went around, especially those who live with this disease. The problem is that some ostomates are afraid to open their situation, thereby feeding cycle.

These days, there's no better way to bring something into the channel than through social networks. The main objectives of the social networking share, connect and keep up on the situation of your friends. What better way to "out" stoma that through this platform? And this is where the sources come in a couple: family Ostomates and stoma bags. Ostomates Family offers two ways to participate. One just launched through social networking sites, which should bring about strong ties between ostomates. The efforts of the new. So if you would like to participate in the planting, nurturing and harvesting of something wonderful, this is your chance. All you need to do is visit the site and sign up for free. Another option, if you prefer to jump on something already on the move, looking for Ostomates family to Facebook. Once there, simply press the "" button is. There is already an active audience, where you can share experiences, seek support, or ask questions.

Stoma bags a little more based Facebook community. It is a lively and friendly staff. To gain access, you can either go to and click on "Follow us on Facebook", or you can search directly for a stoma bag to Facebook. Once there, you must request Stoma bags as "other." You will receive a confirmation of another soon after.

From these sources, ostomates Now break the stigma by connecting with other ostomates. They can talk about anything related to the stoma in the sun, or anything else they want. Friends and family can also register by giving them access to information that their loved one may have been too shy to talk. Knowing the life and real experiences ostomates pass can open channels for discussion. Just talk about the stoma open secret can be dispelled stoma. Ostomy is a fact of life, and knowing that there are so many other people out there who are living with a stoma - living a full and active social life - can help all those who want to break out of the mold.

If you ostomate, community support, and where you can Inside Out: Beating Taboo ostomy through social networksMet normal conversation about the stoma can be a good testing ground, before discussing the situation with people in the outside world. Get the opportunity to connect with other ostomates
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