Friday, May 27, 2016



Rhinovirus, the most common cause of colds is inactivated at temperatures above 109 degrees, so it seems to make sense that the inhalation of vapor or moist air will help alleviate cold, researchers thought.

 The number of early studies using various devices for air humidification, have not given good results. 2006 report recently combined Cochrane Database of data from six randomized trials, where the heated water vapor inhaled as part of the treatment of the common cold.

 Results found that three of the studies have shown the benefits while others found no benefit 50:50. The most rigorous study done at the Cleveland Clinic, and includes more than 60 participants, who had to sit through a day of 60 minutes steam treatments, where the temperature inside the nose measured and recording 60 minutes do not start until the temperature of the nose was not higher than 109 degrees, found that treatment It has no effect on symptoms or length of time participants had a cold.

 The results of the Cochrane review found that inhalation of steam can not at this time be recommended for the treatment of colds. Several other treatments nevertheless be significant. Especially vigorous frequent handwashing, more than seven hours of sleep per night and operates 50 hours a week or less. Wash hands, according to Dr. Mark Reginato has long been a staple of the cold prevention in the medical profession as doctors and other health professionals are constantly bombarded by microbes from individuals in the next to be considered, often, vigorous hand washing can significantly limit the cold Frequency .

 Sleep and shorter working weeks at this time are a mystery, said Dr. Reginato. Rather, they are associated with the immune system and keep it strong, when the cold virus is present, and especially during the winter months, when people are often in the vicinity of the cold weather. In general, Dr. Reginato says the study has once again made a strong recommendation that people looking to prevent colds need to wash hands frequently and maintain a balance in their daily lives. Unfortunately, steaming can not at this time be added to list.
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