Tuesday, May 10, 2016

How to shoot great photos with iphone

How to shoot great photos with iphone


In fact, we all know, Apple has been in continuous efforts to improve the iPhone camera hardware and software performance. Today, iPhone 6s Apple had so far made ​​all phones use the best camera mobile phone. However, not all iPhone users have been completely made ​​clear iOS camera "mystery," We'll tell you how, without the help of any third-party camera software under the circumstances, to shoot great photos.

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This video shows how to set camera parameters better in low light or ordinary light, it tells the user how to create the best iPhone shooting parameters, how to focus theme of the film, how to make good use of the current light, how to control the exposure and the like. Like the use of HDR, zoom, flash, and other functions are also video introduced. The video statement, the photographer in the process of shooting is not substantially applied to the zoom, flash functions, and preferably HDR is enabled by default, so as to light conditions in relatively less good case can shoot great photos.

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