Monday, May 2, 2016

how to observe and identify iPhoneSE iPhone

how to observe and identify iPhoneSE iPhone

The release of the iPhone name entry screen 4 inches small banner iPhone, iPhone 5s wearing leather. In addition to the newly added rose gold as well as behind the "SE" sign, we simply do not seem to see the difference between the two. Faced with 120 yuan can be modified variant SE of 5s, how do we distinguish genuine iPhone SE it?

120 yuan 5s transfiguration SE

First of all, before we exposed 120 yuan transfiguration transformation iPhone 5s iPhone SE, they are not looked after very amazing it? Both the phone's "spirit" also allows unscrupulous merchants take advantage of. Spend 120 yuan will be able to get the iPhone 5s posing iPhone SE. Details of the transformation process, we can see here [view original] .

Body work difference  

Even outside of the fuselage design is very similar, but there are some minor details so that we can identify, we give the following summary points, converted machine always leave some details.

Touch ID metal ring

Since modified without changing the screen with Touch ID module, modified after the Touch ID will still be the original machine 5s silver. (JS can also replace this circle, or directly converted into non-5s rose gold SE)

Interface metal ring

High imitation iPhone SE chassis no supporting metal ring, we can only go back to the original machine, which allows the color and the rear shell of the metal ring does not match. (JS can also put these metal rings are replaced, directly or converted into non-5s rose gold SE)

Apple Logo Process

Apple Logo portion 5s high imitation iPhone SE cabinet, as is used in integrated design, and genuine iPhone SE of the Logo and 6, is a separate module mounted on a stainless steel shell after opening, so feel / visual experience will be different, false: Logo with a flat rear case, really: Logo with two independent rear housing plane. (JS SE after high imitation can shell Logo made detachable module, but the news is not found on a treasure temporarily)

After obviously genuine shell color / feel

After false SE shell subdued colors and grainy surface significantly higher color saturation after shell genuine SE, surface feel more delicate. (However, if there is no contrast, color and feel it is difficult to make judgments)

Chamfered surface craft body

Genuine iPhone SE uses a matte texture treatment performed after chamfering, and high imitation SE rear case is the same as 5s after chamfering high light sanding. (JS SE after high imitation can shell chamfer grinding process for processing, but the news is not found on a treasure temporarily)

In fact, in addition to the above points it must be noted that after the shell high imitation SE workmanship is very poor, especially in the upper and lower ends of the plastic block with metal part of a large gap also exists occasionally tilt situation. Of course, we the average user may not be easy to detect these details, so we need to use the following approach to further identify.

Link XY apple assistant

XY Apple Assistant now supports iPhone recognition, the iPhone SE is connected to the computer and then open these assistants, you know is not the iPhone 5s or other models of the transformation.Download [ XY apple assistant PC version] Let you move faster to manage your iPhone.

Connect to iTunes

This is the most primitive way is the most effective way, by connecting iTunes can accurately identify the model of the machine, but not limited to the escape of the machine. Because jailbreak machines can be modified to achieve the type of machine counterfeiting purposes.

4K video capture  

iPhone SE supports 4K shooting, iPhone 5s is not supported, so you can enter the set - photo and camera - record a video, see if there are 4K video options.

Several methods above, from the outside to give the kernel we provide a way to identify, Xiao Bian here to remind consumers to carefully select the iPhone to start, do not mistakenly buy refurbished machines.

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