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How to Make your Android Greet Your Name

How to Make your Android Greet Your Name

Make your Android Greet Your Name
When in Android that you use appears greeting addressed to you, would you feel happy. Because it means that Android you use is for you. Well, so Android yours can greet your name, use applications Hi Locker . Download Hi Jake Locker from the link provided.

Hi Locker - Lock Your Screen
Hi Locker - Your Lock Screen 1.7.3
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Sapa's your name, Make your Android Increasingly You Banget!

With Hi Locker, you can make Android yours greet your name each time you want to unlock your Android smartphone you. Besides making lockscreen you become cool, how to use Hi Locker was fairly easy.

After you install and set out your name, then just give it access to the Notification Access . This is the goal for Hi Locker is able to show a notification goes into your Android.

android how to greet you

If you use the key (password, PIN, or pattern ) to secure your Android, you should turn off in order not to have to bother twice unlock.

If completed, you will be able to open the notification that goes by sliding to the right, or ignore it by sliding it to the left. Cool, right? And do not forget, your name will be called loh!

Oh yes, you can choose three kinds Unlock Style of his tablets. Especially for the style of iOS, you can provide additional settings to be more exciting.

Not Just a Cool, But Also Safe

Not just making Android more you are able to greet name's personal for you, Hi Locker also provide experience to secure Android that is more exciting. Although you had been disabling key features in Android you, but you can add it back via Hi Locker.

Not only that, Hi Locker also equipped with the features of Smart Unlock . With this feature, you can make your Android remains terbukan when connected to a WiFi connection that you believe in, or connected to a device saaat Smartwatch you use.

How cool is not it? Android not only make you become cool to see, but also makes you Android you stay safe.

Cobain Yuk!

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