Tuesday, May 31, 2016



the most confusing and intimidating to all the instructions on how to take care of oneĆ¢ € ™ S Electronic Cigarette are those that relate to the cleaning spray. These two aspects of the device, which can give the user a good or bad experience of smoking an e-cigarette is a battery that is fully charged, and the dispenser that functions well.

the user must make sure that the battery and atomizer sites are always clean and dry, they are electrical connections. Proper care will ensure that they perform at their optimum level at all times. The user should always clean the connection point of care, lint-free cloth or tissue paper. The area of ??and around the filaments connecting the battery and the nozzle should be cleaned. The user must ensure that the cloth that he uses must not break or snag. It would be dangerous as fabric filaments may adhere to the field of communications and disrupt electrical current. If any of these filaments is sucked into the nozzle connection or the heater body, it can be very dangerous for the user.

When cleaning the cigarette dispenser, the user must first clear the external device connection. Then he or she should clean the inside, gently rubbing the area around the vent Spray with a soft cloth or tissue. The user must be careful to make sure that the connection must be completely dry and free from material such as yarn and paper tissue residue to stick to it.

When liquid is continuously flow into the coil chamber it is important to ensure that the cigarette dispenser is kept dry during the night. The electronic cigarette may be removed and placed with the dispenser connection of the battery up to turn unvaporized liquid on cigarette paper to drain overnight.
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