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Ashtanga yoga is a yoga disciplines that are referenced by the sage Vamana Rishi in the Yoga Korunta, which is said to be an ancient document, in this document, there are many different asanas lists. Vinyasa, drishti, bandhas, mudras, and philosophy of some of the teachings contained herein. Ashtanga Yoga means eight limbs of yoga. According to the teachings of Patanjali, the path to inner cleansing consists of eight spiritual practices.

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Here is a list of the eight spiritual practices. The pit is used for non-pecuniary practises_ Niyama is to study your own purification_Asana practiced to control your posture_ pranayama to master the breath control_Pratyahara practiced to control senses_ Dharana is to improve concentration_Dhyana meditation_Samadhi discipline practiced for the purpose of absorption

four limbs are concerned Square € "Yama Niyama, Asana ,, pranayamaâ €", which is known as external cleansing practices. According to Pattabhi Jois, the error in the external practices are curable. However, errors in the internal cleansing practicesâ € "pratyahara, dharana, dhyanaâ €" is not curable and can be dangerous to the mind unless the correct Ashtanga yoga method is not used, so Pattabhi Jois focused on the fact that the "Ashtanga Yoga method is Patanjali Yoga .

In determining the age-old practice of yoga, it means controlling the mind. Improving the pit and Niyama are two steps How to benefit from Ashtanga Yoganeed to be taken first to the mind control. However, it is very impossible to practice the Yama and Niyama, when the body is weakened and so highly saturated with toxins. Asana practice must be carried out on a daily basis to make the body strong and healthy, when the body and organs is stabilized, it can be controlled by the mind. Catching up and grabbed the first two branches can then, when the mind is under control.

Over time, with the correct vinyasa and asana practice Tristhana then give the student clear the mind, balance becomes part of the body, and purification of the nervous system, Kickstarts beginning pranayama practice. During the practice of pranayama, the mind then the target itself in the same direction, and follows the movement of the breath. Pranayama is the foundation for the internal cleansing practices of Ashtanga yoga.

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