Tuesday, May 31, 2016



It is often said that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Have you ever thought about this statement? Have you ever wondered why the conversation between men and women end up in trouble?

 Recent scientific studies have found that the microscopic differences between male and female brains are a hint to the difference between the two sexes. Although it is not entirely clear how the structural differences in the male and female brains affect their function,

 the researchers suggest that the most likely impact on the way men and women handle information.Studies developed the following differences in the brains of males and females. There is a significant the difference in the brain's balance of men and women with an average weight of an adult brain being about 11-12 per cent more than women. Also in connection with a large built-in, increase muscle mass and an increase in the size of the bodies Mena € ™ s men measuring head about 2% more than women. Men are 4 percent more brain cells than women, and the brain tissue is approximately 100 grams more in case of men.

 This explains why, although the net loss of neurons as women are more prone to diseases than men. Credited to the fact that men have 4 percent more nerve cells than women, it gives them a reserve function for the neurons, thus preventing loss of function. This is the number of neurons present and studies have shown that the average person has more neurons in the cerebral cortex, and the average woman has more advanced space between the bodies of the cells that contain synapses, dendrites and axons. These neuropils lead to better communication between neurons.

 Studies show that a woman's brain contains a larger corpus callosum, which means that women can move data between the right and left hemisphere faster than men, who tend to be more left-brain. Results and that the area in the frontal and temporal lobes of the language is greater in women, thereby ensuring the adoption of the dominance of women in language skills. This provides another advantage for women over men, for which language is most often just the dominant hemisphere which are generally left side.

 This means that while a woman may retain some language from its right front side of the brain, if she is suffering from a stroke in the left front part of her brain, men are less likely to recover from such damage. These structural differences between men and women may be enrolled in evolution. When the embryo develops in the womb, circulating hormones, androgens are responsible for the formation of the male brain and female brain are formed due to the lack of the same hormones.
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