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Recently, the media published a list of its HealthLeaders 2010 € -20 people who make health Better.â € It consists of some well-known names such as Nancy Pelosi, David Blumenthal, Donald Berwick, MD, Tony West - Assistant General Counsel, civil Division, US Department of Justice, and some unsung heroes such as Commander.

 Robert Neil McLay, all individuals who play a decisive role in promoting the healthcare industry forward. Current work, commitment and dedication of these twenty-known leaders demonstrates increased determination in our industry to improve the quality of patient care and to find fixes that work - innovative solutions, which are inextricably powered by new approaches and technologies. In NaviNet, we believe in the development of its health benefits, offering solutions and services that are patient-oriented, reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve the quality of care.

Here are just some of the inspiring stories and achievements of these health leaders at the front:

Dr. David Blumenthal, National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, is described as a â € € œrock Stara among healthcare IT leaders and health professionals for its upholding of electronic medical records. Once a staunch believer in paper records, he embraced EHRs in 2002, when testing EHR order a prescription for one of his patients, he was alerted directly on the screen using bold red letters that the drugs he was going to enjoy It may lead to life threatening allergic patient. Blumenthal is also known for his commitment to cooperate: â € œWe imagine a future in which information follows patients "His belief that the adoption of health this will lead to improved patient care it is one that NaviNet wholeheartedly supports, as evidenced by our solutions for unified. Manage patient information (UPIM).

Leapfrog Group, known Leapfrog Hospital Survey, collected survey data and public reporting to help consumers and employers to compare the safety, quality and efficiency of hospitals. Leah Binder, CEO of Leapfrog Group, is committed to monitoring the Health Information Technology and making sure that itâ € ™ s safe and effective. She hoped that the findings of the hospital Leapfrog Group survey will be an additional impetus for hospitals to quickly make changes for the better.

Michael Dowling is the president and CEO of the North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System, where for the last ten years, he worked towards the creation of the North Shore-LIJ organization is known for quality, patient safety, innovation and care coordination. In 2009, North Shore-LIJ, which consists of 14 hospitals with a staff of more than 42,000, has announced the investment of $ 400 million integrate EHRs in practice employment, community physicians and other object of doctors, with a subsidy of up to 85% of the software and operating costs EHR systems to approximately 7,000 affiliated physicians. Dowling knows that the level of implementation requires changing entrenched business processes, but considers that the use of health will lead to better care coordination, and ultimately, the best results of care.

Donald Berwick, dubbed HealthLeaders â € œthe good doctor in a CMSA €, hopes to turn the Center for Medicare and Medicaid from â € œbureaucracy into something more like a revolutionary forceâ €. With medical coverage to 47 million Americans and accounting for 12% of all federal spending, and 48 million have signed up for the Medicaid HealthLeadersâ € ™ Top 20 Health Thought Leaders for 2010, Berwick cited as determined by the use and power of the federal government to € œherd elements fracture the industryâ € in an effort to close the waste spaces that are taxpayerâ € ™ s dollars and threaten patient care.

We welcome all the leaders, who were marked HealthLeaders and applaud their achievements.
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