Wednesday, May 25, 2016



According to recent reports, a half-million sexually transmitted infections (STIs) have been reported in the UK last year. The young men said to be affected the most.

 One out of ten in the age group of 15 to 24 infected with an STI, have high chances of a repeat infection within a year. Health ministers are taking various measures to reduce the disease. New cases figure stand in 482696 that the jump of 3 per cent compared with 2008 figures. Whatâ € ™ with causing concern in the health department is the upward trend year to year.

The majority of cases were registered in urban and disadvantaged areas. Some of the major areas of Lambeth and hired in London along with Manchester, Nottingham and Blackpool.

Teens today they do not care more involved in unsafe sex, using condoms during sex. This led to an increase in cases of sexually transmitted diseases. Young women in the UK are more vulnerable to sexually transmitted infections. Re-infection is also worrying factors for adolescents. Teens put their lives and their partnerâ € ™ with life in danger leads to an increase in sexually transmitted diseases count.

At least 217,570 cases of chlamydia were diagnosed in 2009, which was 7 percent jump from a year earlier. Genital herpes also increased to 5 per cent and gonorrhea to 6 percent. This increase, of course, because more and more people, with a pleasant, but sometimes risky sex lives € "often with multiple partners.

Most of the boys and girls did not know about the different STDs and their consequences. Awareness should be created among pupils and students, so that they take appropriate precautions in sex or even better abstain from sex.

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