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This article explains the general dentistry and requirements. It also provides some facts associated with it.

General dentistry course, every dentist must take and pass in order to be able to practice. The whole course covers several years. If a person wants to have a narrower, more years can be added to the study. There are other aspects related to them, except for the treatment and prevention of diseases and disorders of the oral cavity.

Other parts of the jaws can be treated in a dentist, including the maxillofacial area and other related parts. In some cases, the general health condition of the body can be connected to the health of the human oral cavity. There are two types of dentists, namely Doctor of Dental Surgery and Doctor of Dental Medicine.


There are certain requirements that a person must possess in order to be able to proceed to general dentistry. A person must pass a related four-year course before they can apply for admission to dental school. This four-year course, often referred to as premed, should have certain items that are relevant to the main course.

These objects microbiology, chemistry and biology. A person who wants to be a dentist must first pass an exam that will evaluate the nominee. This exam is called the Dental Admission Test, which should be presented at the dental college of choice, along with premed college, of course, that the person has taken. There are some cases where only a few items needed for a person to be accepted into medical school.

General dentistry takes about four years to complete. During this time, students work on oral pathology, dental diagnosis and treatment, as well as hone their clinical skills. There are external studies to be completed by aspiring dentist in his fourth year. It is externship rotation in nature, which means that it will address various aspects of his soon to be practical, and not just focus on specialization. Dental General Dentistry: An Overviewcollege must be accredited by the American Dental Association.

After he graduates, the dentist is able to take up post-graduate studies to hone their skills narrow. Most dental colleges in the United States offer postgraduate programs that focus on orthodontics, pediatric dentistry and oral surgery. These courses cover two to six years, depending on the program.

Dental Board Exam

Those who graduated from the College of Dental is possible to take the National Council of dental examination. This exam assesses and evaluates the knowledge that aspiring dentist gained in dental college. Some people take it in the second part of their undergraduate or before. Others prefer to take the board exam after he graduated from general dentistry.

Each region or country has another licensing exam, which must be taken by the person to be able to practice in this particular area or state.
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