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While sometimes the basis of medical problems that lead to infertility, and require intervention, not every cause of infertility out of your control. There are 5 major areas in the path of each person in your life that can be controlled to eliminate the potential cause of infertility.

If you have been trying to conceive without success, consider addressing these factors before you make the investment in medical intervention, especially when multiple hits a chord as a potential cause of infertility - this may be all you need to get you on track to become parents.

1. Drugs and Alcohol - Drinking huge amounts of alcohol can lead to violations of the menstrual cycle and ovulation in women disorders and be the cause of infertility. Continuing to drink while carrying a child increases the risk of miscarriage and a negative impact on fetal development. Recreational Drugs like marijuana, heroin, ecstasy and cocaine all can interfere with the reproductive cycle and ovulation in women, as well as some prescribed medications. Men who drink may have a low sperm count, poor sperm motility, an unusual form of sperm and even impotence, any of which can often be the cause of infertility. Men who take anabolic steroids may find that stops sperm production at all. Recreational drugs, and some prescription medications can lead to low sperm count, motility, reduction of sperm and abnormal sperm shape. Any medications taken either partner in the pair, trying to become pregnant must be disclosed to the doctor to determine whether the drug can be a cause of infertility, and, if so, which alternative means are available.

2. Smoking Rooms - Women who smoke have an increased risk of miscarriage and their eggs have a genetic abnormality. Guys who smoke have lower sperm density and poor sperm quality. There is no doubt that smoking may be a cause of infertility, and the rejection of the habits is vital to your overall health too.

3. Exercise and diet - If you are a woman, you are what you eat each day can affect your hormonal balance, monthly cycle and ovulation. Try to keep a well-balanced nutritious diet to keep your body healthy, to better prep yourself for pregnancy and avoid any nutrient minors, which can cause infertility. Also, keep the exercises carefully how often tedious exercise can cause women to experience irregular or no reproductive cycle. Finally, the excess poundage gain or weight loss can lead to irregular menstrual cycle in women. In particular, obesity is clearly associated with many cases of PCOS, a leading cause of infertility, and sometimes receive a good weight is all that is required to return to reproductive health. For men, a good diet with key nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin E , selenium, zinc, calcium and vitamin D helps to ensure that you produce healthy sperm. If you are male with hypertension, it may also be the cause of infertility. Often obesity because of problems such as high blood pressure and heart health, because all the systems of your body are under stress when you are obese, it is reasonable to assume that this may be the cause of infertility as well.

4. Environment - The impact of hazardous substances, radiation, and probably stress can have a negative impact on female fertility. As for the men, while they have not proven to have an effect on fertility He suggested that the elevated temperature of the scrotum area is a cause of infertility. It can not hurt to stay away from hot baths or steam rooms and fitting pants or underwear, trying to s Five simple changes Lifestyle This can eliminate the causes of infertilityaberemenet.

5. Sexual Practice - If you and your companion enjoy lubricants as part of your sex life, make sure that the product you are using is not harmful to sperm, and spermicides affect many popular lubricants cause of infertility. He also suggested that if the muscle contractions of the uterus women are weak, the sperm may have trouble pushing up through the cervix after intercourse, in which particular case having sex with a pillow under your hips may increase the possibility of fertilization. Also, if you have sex on a daily basis around the time of ovulation suspect you might be a decrease in the amount of semen you are able to supply for each sexual intercourse, possible causes of infertility, it is easy to fix. Try every other day instead.
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