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This article gives an overview of how dental crown to be placed. The benefits of having one are also provided here.

kind of like a crown prosthetics in. This is usually implemented when a person has a cavity, which is already quite large and can not be filled properly. tooth health, usually seen in such cases. It can be used on the implant or damage the tooth. There are several materials that may be used for this prosthesis, but the most popular ones are porcelain, ceramic and gold. In principle, the material covers the damaged tooth, or what remains of it.

Preparing a tooth

preparations for dental crowns can last long due to the fact that the impression should be made ​​of the damaged tooth, which needs, and that the coating itself should be formed specifically to fit. Initially, the damage should one be obtained by removing the damage and ensuring that there is no left to create more problems in the future. The act of taking away the damaged area can not be undone, and there are times when there is little left of it. Some dentists do not like Dental Crown Application Overviewcamping, to pick up a lot of that is, and they often provide another opportunity for their patients if they are applicable.

the dentist must ensure that there is enough left to dentin or enamel will bales correctly placing the crown when it is attached. Mistakes that can cost the loss of a tooth or the inability of the cover is realized may lead to other options. Type of material to be used may dictate how thick the remaining part can be. Gold does better shape, so it can stick to the teeth well as porcelain, you may need to work in another. Molding material is done outside of the mouth, as there is bound to be a lot of difficulties making it there. It may take several days before the dentist offers the prosthesis. The use of a ceramic material is required to wider shoulders to ensure that there is something else to keep the material.


procedure takes several months, if the implant is used, but can be reduced when working with damaged teeth. Implants have the post for up to jaw, which required surgery and some forms of healing and adhesion before the procedure continues. Titanium is popular material used for implants. The crown, which has been prepared by implication, they will be plugged in, and it will adhere thereto with dental cement. Precautions should be taken when the individual has is because ceramic fractures possible. Gold is generally more flexible and can last longer, which is why many people choose it.
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