Tuesday, May 24, 2016



cosmetic dentist has become very popular in recent years. Dentists who pursue this profession have teeth, cosmetic surgeons in the faces and bodies. With the technology of todayâ € ™ s, thereâ € ™ there is no reason to put up with a smile, you are unhappy.

 When a person feels self-conscious about their teeth, they may think twice before laughing, smiling or even talking in public. Their self-esteem and confidence could sink. When a person feels good about their appearance, it's excitement may spread to many other parts of your life. Relationships, work productivity and even health can be improved when a person € ™ S Self-image is enhanced, and an easy way through cosmetic dentistry. Here are some myths about this specialty:

- The spots are constant: Tooth enamel can become stained with a variety of factors. Tobacco products, black tea, coffee, red wine and even some prescription medications can all cause discoloration. Aging may also cause the enamel to become dull and yellowed. This unsightly color, however, doesnâ € ™ t have to be a lifetime. Bleaching can be accomplished with gels and liquids.

 Whitening strips are also useful to the smile brightened. There are different shades of € œwhiteâ €, which can be selected to brighten and lighten each tooth in the beautiful new look. - Fillings and caps are ugly and significantly: Instead noticeable metal fillings or lid, porcelain material is now available. Creamy appearance of this product is very naturally and organically fit into the existing enamel. The obvious and unsightly fillings become thing of the past. - False teeth pain and better to leave the elderly:

 Remember clattery false teeth and grandparents? These devices had to be soaked in banks and WERENA € ™ t large enough to chew hard food. Dental implants todayâ € ™ s, however, everything changed. Adhesion is Titaniumâ € ™ with a strong and constant. This material allows the connection of bridges without problems. Patients of all ages have found great success with dental implants.

 - Dental bridges are painful: With advanced fitting techniques, bridges have become very comfortable with. Although the natural process of change in the tooth can be disturbing at times, any discomfort will not be aggravated by a rigid, inappropriate mechanisms. - Snaggle-teeth better hidden toothed, crooked Snaggle tooth can make more balanced and beautiful with veneer.

 - Only teenagers have braces : Not more. Due to the advances made ​​in the field of teeth to be straightened more effectively at any age. Adults and adolescents tend Orthodontics on a regular basis. - Braces unsightly, large and made ​​of metal: While braces of the past were so ugly resemble railroad tracks, it is not true today. Modern devices are available in a variety of colors and styles. Some are invisible and can even be removed during meals.
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