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If you suffer from a disease called ED or erectile dysfunction, you should immediately consult a doctor, Ed. Here are some tips to make your visit doctorâ € ™ comfortable with:

Conversation with Dr. ED

Plan ahead, thatâ € ™ with the idea. In your head, you know what you are going to tell. In particular, I think that the words that you want to use.

many people feel quite frightened about how to put into words the problem. Some guys are shy, because they do not know how to pronounce terms.

There really is no need to worry. To get started, simply say: "Doctor, I think I am suffering from ED.

Few of the questions you might want to ask your doctor ED:

* What is the root cause of my erectile dysfunction?

* How long will I take to complete the recovery in this situation?

* What treatments are available?

* What lifestyle changes can help my condition?

* Can any pills that I take to be the cause of this problem?

* Do I need a tablet?

* What are the side effects of pills will cause?

* Are you ready to see your partner and explain the situation to her?

What will be your ED physician?

ED doctor who used to work with ED will diagnose the condition and put you on a treatment thatâ € ™ s best for you.

It may even ask you very personal questions regarding installation and sex. You should not be shocked by them. Here are some of the common questions that are often asked by Dr. ED:

The first questions are usually about your erection.

* Can you get an erection at all?

* If so, it is hard enough for penetration?

* If you can successfully penetrate your partner, then you lose your erection? And you can get it back?

Post them Ed doctor will ask you other questions related to your lifestyle:

* Are you married?

* How many partners you have at the moment?

* You will get morning erections?

* Can you get an erection when you masturbate?

* How much do you smoke?

* How much do you drink?

* Do you use drugs?
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