Tuesday, May 31, 2016



New legislation will help you avoid the planned drop of 25 percent in Medicare to pay for the new year. Up and down to drive change ratio for 2011 came to the conclusion, thanks to the bill the Senate Finance Committee, which would freeze Medicare pay at current levels for another 12 months. The Chamber representatives adopted the Law on Medicare and Medicaid extension, 2010 December 9, and the Senate voted on it the day before.

 The bill would do away with the 25 percent cut that medical practice will be facing from 1 January, President Obama made ??it official December 15, 2010, when he signed a one-year delay in the law.

 The doctors have welcomed the news that they will not have to wait for the new Congress and Senate members to take their seats to find out whether the payment fix would take place. Senate Finance Committee bill was passed as a bipartisan effort, and noted that it would cost $ 14.9 billion over 10 years to implement the physician payment fix. It will be financed through minor adjustments to the Law Affordable Care, health care legislation that President Obama signed into law in March last year.

 At the last minute correction welcome sight, but not all the US Senate passed quickly, 1 month extension of this formula SGR 18 November at the first stage to avoid a 23 percent reduction in doctors pay before December 1 The House of representatives has already built Thanksgiving at this point and took a month to fix when they returned to the November 29 while many are pleased that the Senate acted quickly on the expectation of reduction of payment, one is skeptical about another round of short-term fixes. It is hoped that the final outcome of this session of Congress will fix at least one year.

 This longer period should be accompanied by a strong bipartisan commitment of Congress to work with the community to finally replace the bad doctor disadvantages SGR formula with a new update mechanism that works. Frequent interruptions and delayed payments, caused by this formula and the inability of the Congress to fix it except for short periods simply is not fair to our members, who have the payroll and other expenses related to the practice of management.

 Check whether the ACF refers Some encoders control the pain as code for anesthesia procedures, which means you have a second CF to consider:. conversion rate anesthesia, or ACF 2011 ACF national will remain at $ 21.5696. Check specific; but the way anesthesia reimbursement changes from state to state and even within regions of the same State.

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