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This article lists down several effective remedies for back pain. He also cites the methods and techniques to prevent back pain during pregnancy.

Back pain is often associated with pregnancy. The reasons for this are usually the appearance has something to do with the weight that the expectant mother has for this happy occasion. The weight that she gained also throws her off balance and can lead to a shift in its alignment.

This means that her body may try to compensate for the extra weight she gained, as well as a projection in the stomach. Another reason is hormonal imbalance that occurs during this time. Hormones, which are produced during pregnancy, may affect the mobility of joints (nature is to accommodate the pelvic movements), resulting in joints that are prone to yielding due to the weight and the new position. If a woman suffers from back pain, even before she became pregnant, a serious warning of any complexity or debilitating discomfort should be taken.


Taking a warm bath may actually reduce back pain, but only for a limited period of time. Applying a warm compress can help ease the discomfort, but it can only be a passing vehicle. It can benefit a woman to walk after a warm bath to help loosen the joints and keep your body in shape for any other bone movements. This is called the strengthening of joints, muscles and body to prepare it for other changes that occur at this time. Doing some simple exercises can also help strengthen the muscles, joints and bones of a woman.

Pelvic tilts can help, as well as Kegels exercises. Pelvic tilts done kneeling on all fours and moving his pelvis so that the back straightens and curves. This can also be done on their back, but can be tricky, since in the area of ​​delivery months. Kegels is vaginal exercises that help make it stronger. This helps pelvic become stronger as a result of a greater strength of the lower back.

stretching stretching

It is another method, which helps to relieve back pain. It keeps the body flexible, as well as a form of exercise that can hold the weight of a woman to a reasonable one. Hamstring stretch is standing in front of a stable chair. A woman should lift right leg to a chair with your feet up. It should then start to lean forward slowly, while the feeling of stretching her hamstrings. Stretch should be comfortable and not bordering painful. Stretching the back can also be helpful for the expectant mother. There are several exercises and stretches that are suitable for a single.

Prevention Prevention

back pain should be a conscious effort on the waiting mother. Payment its position to take account of changes in the body helps to prevent possible discomfort tin lumbar region.

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