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Creating a larger goal often requires a true path that leads to it to be split into smaller, more specific goals. If the goals you are working hard, this is your dream, then each smaller goal, if the full in this way is a rewarding experience. But what if more than the goal of fighting to get rid of the shame? What if the goal to get rid of drug and alcohol abuse? You register yourself in different drug treatment programs. But sometimes the very reasons that you accept these evils, let your own path to abstain from them. Then you start thinking, â € œCan I really do this? The  € Well here are 9 ways to make you feel, â € œYes, I can! the  €

Reward yourself

Reward yourself or treat yourself when you finish your short goals, you feel good about them. Similarly, if you donâ € ™ t drink or take drugs for a week to go ahead and spend the money on a favorite thingsâ € "a new pair of shades or new clothes!

Do it for the ones you love

Abstinence from alcohol and drugs can be extremely difficult at first. Whenever you feel your determination and breach your defenses weaken, always think of your loved ones, and how much they love and care about you. You will find renewed vigor and determination.

swap places

If your colleagues offer you drinks or drugs, promptly and politely refuse to trade places with someone more willing. Remember that this is your life, and nobody has the right to spoil it for you. Let others take care of themselves.

Seriously think about leaving

No amount of determination will not work if you havenâ € ™ t given him to think seriously. Carefully weigh your options. If alcoholism and drug addiction is destroying his life, my friend, it's time to quit.

Share your troubles

Several support groups that have formed dedicated to alcoholism and drug addiction. You will find a lot in the same test as you. Share with them the suffering and listen to them, too. Talk to your friends.


This is your life. Donâ € ™ t allow alcohol and drugs to get you. Remove the temptation. It will be hard, I know, but it would be equally useful. So roll up your sleeves and dive headlong. Work as a soldier and fight against hideous truth of your life, € œIâ € ™ m an addict, and Iâ € ™ m going to stop being one! the  €

Get training

Different treatment programs offer training and education of drug addicts to cope effectively with their situation. It is also up to you to make the necessary studies and to develop the appropriate skills to handle it. With the right training to the right comes the enthusiasm and determination.

Start the course

Yes! Just donâ € ™ t think about starting slowly and taking it slow. Donâ € ™ t limit consumption. Stop completely. This is a difficult task, and without traffic, you wonâ € ™ t reach the top.

Try and try

Finally, if you are not the first time, donâ € ™ t give up. Keep trying.
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