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Fish 1 of the ideal supply of food you can consume. They include all the wonderful natural oils, which are not only great for the brain, but also for your skin. Fatty acids contained in three Omega can promote the welfare of the brain and retina. Consumption of fish twice a week can reduce the risk of heart condition, dementia, cholesterol, substantial blood pressure and small, who eat a typical fish have less tendency to become obese.Here 5 quick and easy fish recipes, that can be obtained within a few minutes from you microwave.

 Why use a microwave? Simply because if you get a corresponding serious is the ideal way to prepare fish.If prepared with a suitable cover to steam fish is, of course, in his individual juices.1; Garlic code or monkfish. Time 7 minutesGet piece of monkfish or cod about eight ounces,

 and find it in the microwave reserved dish and cover with microwave safe and reliable coverage. Cook on full power for about two minutes 50 percent. Eliminate the fish out of the microwave and sent to stand for two minutes. Crush a couple of cloves
 of garlic and spread on fish add butter and cook on full electric power for more than one minute, and 50 percent and take away from the microwave oven. Squeeze some lemon juice over the fish of black pepper and leave to stand one more time. Serve with a rocket salad. Stunningly delicious quick and easy to prepare, and the greatest of all is incredibly healthy and balanced
.2; Chile and Lime Tuna; Get eight-ounce piece of tuna and put it in a microwave dish and cover it with microwave safe cover. Cook for two minutes, and accept from the microwave oven. Administration to stand for several minutes and sprinkle a chili oil. Cook for a minute and leave to stand for an additional couple of minutes.Test fish to make sure it is cooked. It is important though

not to cook the tuna, as it will be really dry and awful taste

. Squeeze a little lime more than tuna and serve.3, red Snapper.Take Fillet Red Snapper, and install it in a microwave dish. Pour a tiny olive oil and sprinkle with a little Cajun seasoning. Cook for four minutes at full power. Salt and pepper and takeoff stand for a few minutes. It's ready to be served. One of the fastest and easiest tools for service t

his good tasting fish.four; Shrimp.Take chapters from some shrimp and deliver you a microwave dish. Do not remove the shrimp. Cover and cook for two minutes. Departure to stand for a few minutes and serve with lemon and black pepper oil cracks. Works great wit
h a lot of shrimp, but are actually the ones that you use flavors tend, astounding.5; Italian model Cod; Chop some tomatoes and basil in a bowl, add a couple of tablespoons of olive oil and mix the ingredients together. Take eight ounces of cod fillets and place it in a microwave dish. Spoon tomato and basil combination of more than fish. Cook on full power for four to five minutes. Remove the dish from the oven and leave for a couple of minutes

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