Friday, April 29, 2016

Wonderful! Graduates looking for work declined by use iPhone6

Wonderful! Graduates looking for work declined by use iPhone6
Wonderful! Graduates looking for work declined by use iPhone6

Stimulated recruitment season, many college graduates job also entered a crucial stage. However, some experienced numerous singles, over five hurdles will come to the last graduates because of the employer's "wonderful" selection criteria and ultimately unsuccessful, entering the community so that they would "set back" job Road.

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Last month, a failed candidate experience made ​​Cao Lin Department of Chinese senior girls still sigh. "I am applying for the position was assistant company led by a more than one month written, heavily assessment interview, I have been working in the company for two years to find out where the senior sister apprentice, the company decided to let me participate in the trial, when my heart really is little bit excited. "I never thought at this time, Cao Lin suddenly received the company's HR source telephone unit, repeatedly asked her birthday sign of the Zodiac. "Then there would be no then, and senior sister apprentice embarrassed to tell me that the firm leadership of the Special letter numerology, that my life with him clash!" Although some time has passed, but to talk about this experience, Cao Lin is full of anger and helpless.

Three students graduating research Fang Yi in an interview on the spot that he was sensitive to perceived "PASS" out. "The whole interview lasted only a few minutes, the feeling of leadership involved in the recruitment of my first impression was not good." Sure enough, Fang Yi did not wait to participate in the follow-up assessment of the notification procedure. Recall the interview process, "stressed one up on the other side, the unit workload, it is working to find a child who needs to work hard. When the end of the interview, or even half-jokingly, pointing to the phone in my hand and said, ' or students with iPhone6, feeling not eat very much suffering. ' "Fang Yi some frustration, because I did not expect a phone was prejudiced as a" feminine. "

"I never thought he was because of the appearance of non-compliance have been eliminated." Yang Mi small to large has been the class of literary backbone, but not long ago was a very large private grounds "wonderful" rejected "interview officer told me that the company requires employees to wear suits, especially my candidates charge of overseas publicity, sales jobs, but also represents the company's image. other feel my shoulder narrow, wear a dress may look good! "really let Yang Mi some dumbfounding, it is difficult to accept.

A large state-owned enterprises HR person in charge: College Graduates rejected for many reasons, not just job seekers may have heard or asked to be so simple, so do not entangled in those "wonderful cause" they think of .

Job rejected is not terrible, as long as careful analysis to review their lack of material prepared in the job search process, interviewing and other aspects of the response, change frustration into motivation, these experiences are accumulated for the future into the community experience, training confidence.
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