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When released iOS9.3 iOS9.2 / 9.2.1 jailbreak there to see it

When released iOS9.3 iOS9.2 / 9.2.1 jailbreak there to see it

As Apple iOS9 system third major version update, iOS9.3 beta since January. Although already released several test versions, in addition to Blu-ray reduction function outside, iOS9.3 does not seem to join the heavy features, but due to the recent test version iOS9.3 beta5 likely to have blocked the escape vulnerability , which directly relates to iOS9.2 / 9.2.1 jailbreak and iOS9.3 jailbreak fate, therefore, iOS9.3 official version when publishing has become even more attention.
Here we will iOS9.3 official release time, iOS9.3 official version of the new features and iOS9.3 official version of the conference will not affect iOS9.2 / 9.2.1 / 9.3 jailbreak issues such as analysis and forecasting.

A, iOS9.3 official version released? March 15/21?

Apple will be held this month, the annual spring new conference, which is likely to release a new four inches the iPhone (that is, recently touted iPhone5SE / SE). According to media reports, this new machine pre-installed system is the iOS9.3.
Apple has not yet released the 2016 spring new conference invitation, so the specific time that we held is not clear, but a more comprehensive foreign authority Apple news website reported that Apple's new conference was held in spring 2016 is likely to be set at the time March 21, that is, the early morning Beijing time on March 22. Apple accordance with past practice, the new system will be fully push the conference was held after the upgrade, taking into account Tuesday 22 March, in line with Apple's push system upgrade conventional practice (usually Tuesday and Thursday), therefore this time reliability is relatively high.

Two, iOS9.3 official version of what new features?

Xiao Bian for your summary below 25PP iOS9.3 5 beta version which brings new features:

1, the control center added Night Shift (attenuated blue): This function enables the iOS device in the blue night decreased production, to adjust the color temperature of the screen, allowing the user to sleep better target.
2, remove the pre-installed applications: foreign media in iOS9.3 beta found that Apple actually allows the user to delete iPhone applications preinstalled, but the operation is not simple, it requires not only through the hands of Apple developers, and users also to pay 79 pounds (equivalent to 740 yuan) can be achieved. Specific methods of operation [ see here ]

3, support for third-party applications to add music to iCloud: iOS9.3 Beta by - "Media Library" option "Privacy Settings" under control which applications can access and write music files, specifically, the user can choose to allow third-party applications to add music to iCloud music library.
4, the boss function: IT administrators can be fixed in any application (issued by the company) anywhere on the iPhone home screen, in any way, employees can not be deleted or rearranged. The owner can also hide Staff iPhone application, or prevent them from specific applications downloaded from the App Store to company equipment among.

BUG repair aspects: iOS9.3 beta fixes iPhone1970 brick BUG, ​​repair Touch ID Error53 error.

Note that, in the test version of Apple's added functionality does not mean that the official version of the system will be applied, from iOS9.3 Beta new features added, the decrease is most likely to appear blue in iOS9.3 the official version of the new features, and delete pre-installed applications is still not perfect, the operation is more complicated, the industry is expected to become its flagship iOS10 function. As for the music, and add functionality to the boss iCloud, the meaning does not appear does not seem large.

Three, iOS9.3 official version will affect iOS9.2 / 9.2.1 jailbreak it?

Finally, we say a lot of fruit powder jailbreak problem is most looking forward to. Jailbreak from the last six months have passed small, at this time, Apple released a series of multiple system update, but unfortunately, at home and abroad jailbreak team did not re-introduce the appropriate jailbreak tool, which also makes iOS9.2 / iOS9.3 jailbreak 9.2.1 and expectations become higher.
QQ screenshot 20160304153228.jpg
Yesterday, foreign media reported ModMyi make a jailbreak fruit powder disappointing news that Apple iOS9.3 beta5 the first step in plugging the loophole escape, although the message has not been confirmed, but no doubt, to iOS9.2 / 9.2. 1 and iOS9.3 jailbreak cast a shadow over the prospects.

So, iOS9.2 / 9.2.1 jailbreak is really gone yet? Apple in the domestic forum, many fruit powder, said the current system verification has been closed iOS9.2 jailbreak team the possibility of such a system for the release of the jailbreak tool is minimal. And according to Apple's inertia, once released iOS9.3, iOS9.2.1 verification system will soon be closed, so there are not any relevant iOS9.2 / 9.2.1 jailbreak substantial progress, iOS9. 3 release, is likely to declare no jailbreak iOS9.2 system.

iOS9.3 jailbreak it? According to the latest news shows, foreign developers Luca Todesco (Demo has been jailbreak iOS9.3 beta1) confirmed in reply to another security researcher and developer StefanEsser, he is still available in the jailbreak iOS9.3 beta5, although we Luca Todesco know already made it clear that he will not release jailbreak tool, but at least we know, iOS9.3 jailbreak there is still hope.

As for the new version of the jailbreak tool will be released when and which system will be compatible with version, who do not know, that can only do "reach out party" for us, or continue to wait patiently.
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