Friday, April 29, 2016

Watch the starting annual sales or 2 times the iPhone?

Watch the starting annual sales or 2 times the iPhone?

Watch the starting annual sales or 2 times the iPhone?

The same starting years, Apple Watch sales turned out to be iPhone twice, you dare believe it? Another two days, Apple Watch will celebrate their first anniversary, but its sales to the outside world is still a mystery. In this regard, given the outside world an average valuation of 12 million shipments, IDC said it in 2015 accounted for almost 61% of the city, while the star product iPhone in their first years, its sales of only 6 million.

  It sounds ironic, but according to Apple Watch 500 each to count average price of $ conservative estimate, Apple Watch Apple can bring at least $ 6 billion - a full three times Fitbit annual income. But even so, the evaluation of the industry but it is the beginning of Apple Watch unity: disappointment.

  Union Square Ventures investment bank co-founder Fred Wilson had publicly stated last year, Apple Watch will be Apple's "most thorough a failure." Fitbit as one shareholder, he had predicted at the earliest, Apple Watch will not be like the iPad , the iPhone and the iPod "every necessary." Features a bright spot but the disadvantage is too prominent, Apple Watch short board too obvious - either from the processor or battery life, even in terms of the use of independent, it is difficult to exist independently of the iPhone, "So buy it where the meaning of" ?

  Some people think that, Apple Watch biggest challenge is the lack of a clear goal, a goal which in addition to other products can not do. Fortunately, Apple quite seriously watch pre-market feedback, or there is news that Apple will join in the next-generation cellular data connectivity watch while substantially processor upgrade . Although far Apple has not yet given any comment on this, but this is undoubtedly exciting news.

  In addition, Apple Watch another reason to let the outside world was disappointed: so floating appearance.

  Forrester Research analyst JP Gownder represented, Apple Watch is no practical, in his view, there should be more similar to the watch Starwood Hotel & Resorts Worldwide hotel App, allows users to easily check-in, check-out and other hotel services. In other words, Apple hardware to do the preparation, but not whom to lay the foundation software ecosystem.

  But even so, there are still many people expressed satisfaction with the Cook this new favorite. According to market research agency Wristly latest survey shows that in 1150 online last week follow-up, nearly 93 percent of Apple Watch users said it "satisfied" or "very satisfied." "It's part of my life," perhaps this evaluation was convinced Apple to introduce more models wristbands choice than to quickly remedy software defects ecologically important.

  Of course, the saying goes, "Do not say that words do not advance also", Apple Watch is now struggling with the year's iPhone no diisocyanate, the clock back, that time no one dared to believe that Apple's iPhone will hold up 2/3 days .

  Adam Grossman, a popular App developers think, compared to now take the Apple Watch and iPhone than year, it is better to use a more appropriate generation iPod: iPod first appeared in 2001, "too expensive", "too small" "design is too strange" these have become the focus of the market Tucao. However, as the follow-up of hardware and software update, iPod ultimately successful counter-attack.
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