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Used Apple iPhone Why not fire up the answer here

Used Apple iPhone Why not fire up the answer here

 Recently Apple Indian market is ready to sell second-hand iPhone , in order to improve their competitiveness in the market, but met with strong opposition, first Indian handset makers worried about second-hand iPhone will impact their sales, let this meager profit more miserly; secondly, the Indian government does not want a lot of second-hand goods to India, they are worried about the proliferation of e-waste in the country, after all, used the iPhone's scrap rate will be higher, these are very hard to deal with electronic waste .
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  Frankly, Apple introduced the iPhone plan used when the author is very promising, thanks to the iPhone's high-quality, second-hand goods which can basically meet the needs of ordinary consumers, to a certain extent, can erode some of the low-end market ; in addition, second-hand iPhone plan is also an important means to solve the e-waste, in fact, the mobile phone giants in continuous refresh sales records at the same time, should also be concerned about the whereabouts of the old phone, if calculated according to the current replacement frequency, 20 years later, we will not be able to accommodate these old phones; but if Apple can lead the trend for consumers accustomed to using second-hand products, then, will be a very meaningful thing all mankind.

  Unfortunately, Apple's second-hand joint program partners came up, and did not set off too many waves, not to mention the profound social change, it seems that Apple is good at leading "with luxury mobile phone" trend, but it is not good to lead " Used iPhone "trend, but in the whole process of implementation of the scheme used, Apple did not show enough sincerity, the fruit powder really Shangdebuqing, in general, Apple's official iPhone plan used relatively unsuccessful, very unsuccessful!

  Arrogance, used iPhone can not afford injuries
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  As mentioned before, I very much support for Apple's official second-hand iPhone plan, which not only completely dig out the potential of the quality of the iPhone, but also has some social significance. As we all know, the iPhone on every material, are polished after a long and temper, often alive when Joe closer and Harvey soak in the design lab, the debate outline configuration of the material concentration, camera production environment is require a full clean, in order to ensure the performance, engineers often need to lose weight, because fat people tend to sweat, thus affecting the production environment of dust ... any good things, the production process is always boring, repetitive, but it is definitely to the devoted efforts, iPhone is so drawn out, which is why the quality of Apple's mobile phone it can stand the test of time, a lot of fruit powder has to use iPhone4, they especially want to apply the upgrade to his wife, but the problem is that the old machine can use, wife not approve of, because of this, Apple only emboldened Used iPhone launch plans.

  Used iPhone plan is simply weather, geography, people: Naicao quality is the foundation, good brand so that consumers feel that the use of second-hand goods is not a shame, but, there is a strong partner throughout the universe, I am afraid only Apple can cobble together such a good condition, competitors and no one can, not millet, HTC too.

  Probably because Apple's casual, not second-hand iPhone plan gradually became popular According to the plan, but rather gradually disappeared in the field of vision, the reason, the most important thing is Apple's attitude on this program and funding source inputs status. First, Apple did not put consumers seen as God, they are so strong and arrogant, then use the "Maishen" money in exchange for luxury iPhone, now take the resulting recovery of money, you can not even buy a bottle of Kidney this arrogant attitude seriously hurt repurchase progress. in addition, official sources refurbished phones, feature quality is no problem, but greatly reduced in appearance, it is clear that Apple used in the iPhone plan is not adhering to the idea of better and better ; Second, Apple is now very busy, so busy no time to take care of second-hand iPhone plan, only a year before Apple launched 1-2 new handsets, and after the new listing, the rapid demise of the old product, the whole industry chain is very focused, which under case often gave birth to a fine.

  But now the situation has been quite different, Apple in 2016 is very likely to breath launched four new products, recently launched the iPhone SE allow chain surprise, I thought it only reveal their faces, did not want to support the market reflect the good, the whole supply chains are now into a crazy speed up the production of rhythm, as for the other three new mobile phones should not be stunning for what is at best a "experience" to make, relying on past experience in the design and then come up with something similar products, which also doomed, or similar iPhone6 ​​iPhone6 ​​Plus, iPhone 5s and even these products will not die, and as the iPhone product line becomes bloated, Apple and partners would appear inadequate resources, attend Used iPhone program also makes sense thing, not to mention, for enterprises, profits always placed first, Apple introduced the repurchase program, also want to further erode competitor's low-end market, and now iPhone family silver, a Android iPhone SE models will do a camp utter shelve Used iPhone plan may just choose strategic Bale.

  Black gold industry, explore the world of underground iPhone
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  Used iPhone official plan did not fire, at least, there is no fire, but this does not affect the increasingly popular underground iPhone world, in fact, the iPhone high quality materials, high Naicao, not only to make the official supply chain benefit, and underground second-hand mobile phone market is very attractive, in addition, after years of practice, renovation of technology across the country have a very big progress, which, Shenzhen Huaqiang North refurbished martial, any degree iPhone to all here a new look, it is said, after the iPhone SE listed, superb master only half an hour to put an antique-style iPhone 5s into a newest iPhone SE, is described as: expert in civil.

  I do not want to praise the black gold industry, after all, they violated the fair and just principles of society, but it is their skill sigh, and they low-key and pragmatic attitude is also worthy of praise, not to mention, Apple has introduced a new when the product, they also continue to upgrade their own skills, the difference is that Apple do a bunch of automation equipment, and chefs are basically rely on your hands.

  There is a reasonable underground iPhone world is a strong complement to Apple's official channels, they can not see the sun, but also live very moist, learn skills from a single perspective, these people worth pondering. In fact, the Pearl River Delta region has been the most part can be manufactured on the phone, can make use of waste board can boot the iPhone motherboard, the broken display by separating and re-assembled, as saying something not even cottage accessories What is the thing, if requested, they can even provide any official colors not available in blue, yellow, etc., even more amazing is that they actually have a laser engraving machine, every minute can radium some "limited edition" and so forth , the price will naturally be higher ... these gray industrial chain has been in existence for many years, and is bound to continue to exist for many years, I believe that as long as the true wealth in exchange for use of labor and technology, harmless, not to mention, it is their presence, before able to make a lot of used cell phones with the end result, which largely alleviated the problem of electronic waste, we do not encourage underground refurbishment, but not too busy to ban them.

  Used iPhone Apple's official plan, deserted, like an unfinished plan; underground iPhone world, simmering black gold, in full swing, I believe that these two plans did not noble, humble of points, and should be to guide and support, after all, do not pay attention to second-hand mobile phone recycling and e-waste problem, 20 years of our cities will be filled with iPhone.
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