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To counter-attack? WWDC2016 be heavy or Siri update

To counter-attack? WWDC2016 be heavy or Siri update

In every generation Apple iPhone and iOS, or who are on Siri has been updated, but still there are plenty of examples where Siri's largest Mishap: response fast enough, error information, users do not understand the questions asked, and so on. In this year's WWDC conference, you want to see what the new features of Siri?
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Not the same invitation

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is held each year in June, while Apple would choose to send out invitations in April. Therefore, it has become a tradition in April: After Apple issued invitations to the outside world have speculated that in a conference what kind of new things appear, and speculation is based, it is often an invitation WWDC conference.

While everyone guessing for WWDC invitation to work very warm, but in the end the real emerge at the conference content will always be different. We have noticed that Apple sent invitations this year is a bit special, it no longer is a combination of a variety of colored patterns with a painting, but a code editor forum, under which it is to guess. However, on the invitation issued to the previous WWDC, Apple's intelligent voice assistant seems to have been the first "leaked" the.
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Before the formal invitation issued, Siri so the WWDC conference held in time for the first exposed, which in the past is very rare. So, outside of WWDC invitation speculation naturally and Siri link up: Why did it feel so excited? Why Apple's first message to convey WWDC2016 by Siri? Siri update will usher in what?

Under the spotlight

In the past more than two years, Siri has been constantly improve themselves. On AppleTV AppleWatch and platforms, Siri is not just the role of artificial intelligence, but also navigation. In iPhone6s body, the advent of wireless HeySiri functions also allow Apple's smart voice assistant break through the traditional limitations. Simply, Siri experienced this series of updates, just to make it look even more curious.

In every generation Apple iPhone and iOS or who are on Siri has been updated, but still there are plenty of examples where Siri's largest Mishap: response fast enough, error information, users do not understand the questions asked, and so on. The main purpose of the update, looks just add more repositories of knowledge only. If Apple wants to Siri at the center of the user experience, enhance the speed and efficiency is inevitable.

Maybe some people think that Siri performance in the smartphone platform and Microsoft's Cortana inferior GoogleNow Google, but actually on the three "smart phone Voice Assistant" This concept is very close. If Apple wants to let Siri come to the fore in this race, on the need for major reforms. This time Siri early exposure WWDC2016 event, perhaps threatened major reforms.

Open the business

All along, Apple's Siri for the controls are very strict, the scope of application of this system is limited to voice assistant features, and local software. However, since the fourth-generation AppleTV release, Apple allows Siri have more freedom, Siri users can search to find the global digital content AppleTV platform. And recently, Apple has opened up Siri to access third-party software.

Imagine if Apple's implementation of the same policy on the iOS platform or is watchOS, does that mean that Siri can immediately become a real killer weapon? In a recent video iOS10 conceptual design, the designer opened a hole in the brain Siri API, which is also considered a major adjustment Siri can quickly throw off competitors. Maybe now Apple is not ready to fully open SiriAPI prepared, but you can start with the beginning of the data needs to start, let Siri extract valuable information from our installed on dozens of software in the device. Come this far, than we need to calculate how many times the iPhone unlock more efficient every day.

Since iOS6, Apple Siri were joined in the open software program features, but from a functional point of it directly on the screen and the user opening the application is no different. On AppleTV platform, Siri may make more intelligent. For example, you issued a "watch ESPN" such instructions, Siri will not only help the user to open ESPN application, but also directly to the user to broadcast live, allowing users from the trouble of typing. iOS10 expected to be unveiled this year's WWDC conference, if it can be more liberate our hands, is it not worth looking forward to it?

Siri want to further improve, the lack of third-party API is not the biggest obstacle, but we call it the way. HeySiri is the most simple solution, but not every piece of equipment has HeySiri this feature. In fact, there is a great need HeySiri enabled device has not been Apple's attention, it is the AppleTV. Yes, we have already talked about the good performance in the AppleTV Siri platform above, but we do not activate Siri experience how good.

You know, follow, and this has attracted users Tucao the AppleTV Remote application does not even have a related Siri. Fortunately, Apple's Internet software and services sector boss Eddie library Iraq has made a commitment this year, Apple will be able to create a full display Siri function Remote program. If nothing else, such a program should be is in the WWDC conference appeared.
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Apple's action

Before Siri in 2011 officially became a built-in function iPhone4s, Apple established the first data centers worldwide at a cost of $ 1 billion.

Last October, Apple's acquisition of the British artificial intelligence company VocalIQ. This company has been committed to improve speech recognition depth learning experience, allowing voice assistant can be more natural and human exchanges. VocalIQ has said, is not to learn how to talk to the human voice assistant, but the voice assistant to learn how to communicate with people.

VocalIQ this product can be asked, and it seems to be true, like in exchange. In addition, it can remember before the exchange of content, and the ability to answer questions based on the context, after both Siri, Cortana or Google can not remember the last question.

Therefore, it is foreseeable, Siri will own cognitive technology, through a combination of API interface allows the system to learn to see, hear, say, and in the most natural way to communicate a better understanding of the surrounding world, learn about a variety of backgrounds, ground and things, to understand and interpret the needs of people, not just to understand the command. At the same time, developers can develop and utilize SiriAPI are more personal, more intelligent way interaction applications.
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Future of Artificial Intelligence

Today, artificial intelligence is no longer appears in the form of off-topic discussion among the people, we can see that in a variety of online customer service systems, artificial intelligence has begun actor more important role, "they" may be more different means of communication, including text, voice, video, or even a 3D interactive character, or even directly used to replace traditional online ordering system. Obviously, automated guidance and decision-making ability of artificial intelligence system, now gradually entering the golden age, demonstrated even greater potential.

To ensure that artificial intelligence is no longer just to stay level work based on the logical analysis of large data, or make a "virtual assistant" and more like-minded people, whether it is Apple, each competitor or outside are more meaningful in trying, help us to embrace a new era of human-computer intelligent dialogue. Shortly before Microsoft Build2016 Developers Conference, Microsoft gave Apple and Google to the punch, released the industry's most cutting-edge big data, machine learning, perception, analysis and intelligent robotics "Cortana Intelligence Suite" and announced soon to open a series of preview cloud services and development tools to better understand the world around them and to create intelligent robots.

In addition, Microsoft seems to have a bigger advantage because Windows10 deep integration with "Huna" voice assistant, which covers a wide range of devices, including PC, smart phones, tablets and Xbox, as well as seamless device connected to the Internet of Things . With Windows10, Microsoft can make "Huna" appears in the broader hardware, more importantly, with the closest Microsoft has a customer base: Enterprise. This is unparalleled by other companies, either Google or Apple.

Microsoft CEO Nadella said, "At Microsoft, we call 'human-computer interaction platform (ConversationsasaPlatform)', so that natural human language and advanced machine intelligence interact, which is one of our industry's most cutting-edge topics . "

As can be seen, artificial intelligence is one of the enterprises to obtain greater benefits important direction, but the semantics of artificial intelligence learning systems will be developed to what extent, when can achieve "real human", which is still worth open to question. "Virtual Assistant" needs to be able to read people to communicate with their "happiness, anger, sadness and joy" is not easy, after all, people are often fickle, and many times also with deception.

In short, Microsoft, Google, Facebook and IBM in control of their own artificial intelligence "robot", Apple naturally not backward, this WWDC2016 Developers Conference Apple may really new Siri will be an important update, let iOS and Mac devices more natural way to interact with users, this interaction is as natural as we do in our daily lives.
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