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Three generations of SLR poor shooting still iPhone6s "ruined

Three generations of SLR poor shooting still iPhone6s "ruined 

iPhone6s has provided a very great consumption levels shoot camera, if you want to use to shoot more iPhone6s level or closer to the professional level photo? So you can only rely on some outside force, and fortunately, parts supplier always will solve the problems for us.
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  If you use iPhone interested in taking pictures, then you have to carefully look at this article, and foreign media today on the selection of the 6 to force the iPhone camera accessories, these accessories, enough to make our iPhone into a more magical shooting world.

  Impossible Instant Lab Universal, priced at $ 156.
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  This is the first launch of Polaroid imaging Movies tower, which allows iPhone photos instantly inside a key into a real photograph in his hand, it is clear that, although now printed photos is no longer a mainstream choice, but for those young artists, a play about Polaroid, they have always been very keen to do. It is reported that, with this time imaging Movies column printed photos and nostalgic retro style, has a special texture and temperament, which is more in line with those young artists needs.

  Veho Muvi X-Lapse, priced at $ 30.
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  If you like to make your iPhone more dynamic video capture, the Veho Muvi X-Lapse can definitely help you a favor. Use a tripod and the cylinder base, so you can easily connect your iPhone. Of course, this base provides a delay shooting and continuous shooting mode, it constantly rotating shoot for an hour? It estimated that you will gain a lot of unexpected surprises.

  Olloclip 4-in-1, priced at $ 90.
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  Well, in fact, a quadruple lens is very common, when we are shooting landscapes or large group of people in tune with the times, we often resort to using a wide-angle lens, as the lens fish this style Well, it depends on personal preference . Olloclip perhaps provides the best quality, but the relative price of domestic products, Olloclip 4-in-1 is still expensive, but in the world of photography, will always be a penny stock.

  Olloclip Studio, priced at $ 91.
iPhone6s camera accessories 4.jpg
  This is definitely lets iPhone 6s into a professional camera! Olloclip Studio is an integrated mobile camera system, which allows iPhone to get a handheld optimized triangle stand, lenses and enhanced features such as extensions blessing, which makes iPhone transformed into a modular camera.

  DxO One, priced at $ 599.
iPhone6s camera accessories 5.jpg
  Value this accessory is almost caught up with the price of the flagship smartphone, tall enough on it! To know DxO One can replace the so-called micro-single, DxO One is the company launched a DxO Lighting Interface designed for iPhone and designed external lens, 20 million pixels, 1-inch CMOS, aperture f / 11 ~ f / 1.8, equivalent focal length of 32mm, well, it is really very strong, but unfortunately, it does not have optical image stabilization. Although it can make our iPhone 6s on camera very tall, but its battery life is not outstanding, it is estimated will be able to support less than an hour ......

  Moondog Labs 1.33X Anamorphic Adapter, priced at $ 175.
iPhone6s camera accessories 6.jpg
  I wanted to shoot a movie scene? Then the entry-level movie anamorphic lens may be your good choice. 1.33X afocal anamorphic lens allows iPhone 6s camera horizontal viewing angle increased by 33%, and with the software, you can make 16: 9 videos adjusted to 2.4: 1, and 4: 3 pictures can also be adjusted to a 16: 9 If you want to use the iPhone 6s shoot your own movie, then it may be a lot of attention this accessory, it should not disappoint you.

  Of course, there are a lot of excellent iPhone accessories, this is just tip of the iceberg, we all want to see in the future more powerful iPhone accessories appear, of course, the price is still a little on the more close to the people better.
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