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The unbundling iPhone6 ​​telecommunications contract machine sales which were planted Jingdong employees

The unbundling iPhone6 ​​telecommunications contract machine sales which were planted Jingdong employees

The 300 contract bundling machine solution after tying single to sell, recently, the Ministry of Communications Jingdong Mall former mining sales manager, 27-year-old Wu was charged with unlawful invasion and occupation duties crime computer systems in the Chaoyang Court for trial.

In early June 2015, the Ministry of mining sales Jingdong communications and telecommunications company jointly bundling Apple 6 contract machine that must bind customers to buy mobile phones Telecom's mobile phone number packages. In the sales verification activities, Jingdong found 300 unauthorized Apple phone changed to "may be sold separately" after a single sale, a move that Jingdong loss of 39 million yuan. In the verification of the suspect after Wu, Jingdong to the police.
Apple unbundling telecommunications contract machine sales which were planted 1.jpg Jingdong employees
Yesterday, Wu suspects to stand trial. Beijing Times reporter Tan Qingshe

Wu was accused of Chaoyang District Prosecutor's unlawful invasion and occupation office computer systems sin. Allegations that it repeatedly into Jingdong Mall management system, will be sold in a variety of product attributes apple telecommunications contract machine amended to read "may be sold separately," and together with others to buy 300 per unit increase sales, total profit 280 000 Yu yuan, Jingdong to cause 39 million yuan in economic losses. According to relevant laws and regulations, illegal income less than 5,000 yuan, or cause loss of more than 10,000 yuan, is particularly serious. Chaoyang District Procuratorate suggests, Wu suspected embezzlement crime and illegal destruction of computer systems, but the two have been implicated in the crime-related, so its use heavier sentencing related crimes, sentenced Wu recommend 6-9 years imprisonment.
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Wu explained, in June 2015 to July 20, he was a colleague Zhao 3 times use the account number and password, log in and modify Apple 6 phones telecommunications contract status, contract unit will be changed to "may be sold separately." After changing the product attributes, Wu told the news phone their rounds of small Zhang Zhao and former colleague, the two quickly orders, respectively, and bought more than 200 of 30 mobile phones. But Wu said it ultimately did not take the money, "was very scared, that this money should not take."
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