Friday, April 29, 2016

The new MacBook real machine experience report

The new MacBook real machine experience report

The new MacBook real machine experience report

Over a year ago, Apple released a completely redesigned MacBook, huge screen, impossible to thin, light as a feather. By 2016, we see a new MacBook, yes, we finally have a rose gold color of the MacBook.
The new MacBook real machine experience report 2

In addition to color, the appearance of new MacBook and MacBook is exactly the same as last year, in fact, in addition to the new processor and SSD, its intrinsic and last year's MacBook is the same. Then such MacBook, can conquer your heart? Let's look at the foreign media in the use of a few days, it made any kind of evaluation.

"First, from the design, I still prefer the MacBook's design, only 2 lbs, thickness slim enough, perhaps HP Spectre 13 may be thinner (although it is heavier) than it is, but the MacBook is still the market's most compact ultra-portable computer .

The new MacBook real machine experience report

"Today we already have two different sizes of the iPad Pro, to be honest, my rose gold 9.7 inches iPad Pro is not much smaller than the MacBook, and 12.9 inches of iPad Pro looks much bigger than the MacBook, so that, In fact, I still prefer the MacBook. "

"MacBook always feel good, but also added new color so that consumers have more choices when it comes to its keyboard, which is the same as last year's MacBook, which also will give us a pretty good experience. However, If you because of the color of gold rose to become attractive to new users MacBook, if you're used to those old-fashioned keyboard, then you definitely need some time to adapt, but perhaps some people still prefer the traditional keyboard feel. "

The new MacBook real machine experience report 2

"Touch Pad or so to the force, but to know that last year's MacBook made some compromises, but these compromises, this year still exist, such as the remains 480P FaceTime camera, perhaps the thickness of the border is insufficient to support a better apple configuration Webcam bar, as well as a single USB-C port, well, it still makes us feel very sorry. "

"Single port so that we feel a little uncomfortable, but the good news is that in the next year, Apple might release related accessories, in reality, a lot of people need at least one USB-C adapter, but if the new MacBook can be a little USB-C port, then it has to be close to perfect some of the distance.

Of course, if the MacBook's USB-C port can support the new Thunderbolt 3 would be better to know the configuration substantially in 2016 launched a laptop USB-C port supports Thunderbolt 3, I feel Apple has missed an opportunity. "

The new MacBook real machine experience report 5

In addition to color, MacBook biggest change is that the 2016 processor and SSD paragraph above. Apple updated its processor, but then again, if not to enhance performance, Apple has not launched its necessity. In the Geekbench benchmark, the configuration of the new MacBook processor performance is much better than last year's model. After testing, he found the new MacBook processing speed increased by 25% -30%.

We are well aware of the ability MacBook, we can use it for heavy 4K video clips and PS image processing, it does a very good handle routine tasks, and the new MacBook internal FLASH memory faster read performance also received about 20% increase, of course, we never worried MacBook SSD speed.

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Improve efficiency and new processors also make battery life better. After testing, MacBook basically the top all day, and even in the case of heavy use, it is also a strong eight hours. But the battery life is still Apple can continue to improve the place, well, then talk about it, what should we Tucao a single USB-C port of.

But when it comes to price, if the price of the new MacBook again by $ 100 fine, in the ultra-portable computer market, MacBook is still an expensive option, but its price has not reached the point of unattainable, so long as be reduced a little, so the competitiveness MacBook will be increased dramatically.

Yes, this MacBook also how far from perfect, but for a certain category of users, such as the budget is sufficient for students or people who love to travel, it would be a very great choice Moreover, many experts believes, MacBook looks better than the iPad Pro Elite much, really, anyone who does not want a very life of the rose gold MacBook it?
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