Thursday, April 21, 2016

The iTunes backup / restore data tutorials

The iTunes backup / restore data tutorials


Why do I need to back up data?

iOS equipment in use, jailbreak , upgrade (restore) firmware may appear white apple and other issues can not be switched, throughiTunes restore the firmware leading to the loss of important data. Therefore, we recommend operating the jailbreak , upgrade (restore) firmware before back up important data to avoid loss and other issues.

iTunes can back up what?

Text messaging, MMS pictures, contacts, calendars, memos, camera roll, recent calls, favorites, sound settings, email settings, Safari browser settings, application settings (such as games archived , stanza books, etc.), network configuration information (Wi-Fi, cellular data network, VPN, DaiLi services, etc.), other configuration information (the system comes set Messaging options section, such as the input method and system interface language setting information, etc.) and the like.

iTunes does not back up what?

Apps, music, ring tones, videos, non-film camera photo needs more content needs to be purchased Apple ID or iTunes library has resources to local resource backup and restore. (If you need to back up the above recommended PP assistant (PC version) to export local backup.)

[Download] iTunes

The official site to download the latest version of iTunes:

or click PP assistant (PC Version) - Toolbox --iTunes

Backup Tutorial

First, connect your iOS device to open iTunes--

Second, click on the iOS device icon - Now click [Backup] button

Note: iOS devices will be prompted to install genuine application within iOS device for later transmission if genuine application to the iTunes library, click "No"

Third, wait for the iTunes backup is complete

Note: The backup will be prompted on whether iOS device for later application project, click the "Cancel"

Fourth, check the backup success: Edit - Preferences - equipment, make sure the backup device name and time are accurate! (Press "Ctrl +," to open the device features a good job)


First, connect your iOS device to open iTunes--

Second, click on the iOS device icon - click [Restore Backup] button

Third, select the need to restore data backed up iOS devices
(according to the device name and the backup time selection)

Fourth, wait for iTunes to restore the backup is complete

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