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Students comparisons heart trouble online shopping information

Students comparisons heart trouble online shopping information 

Students comparisons heart trouble online shopping information

Recently, Dan Geng Beigong Shunyi Campus College sophomore Xiao Xue, a site suddenly received a copy sent to the staging of goods reminders, called in March this year on the site bought a cell phone iPhone6 ​​Plus stage, so far fails to repay. Its website urging of principal, plus interest on late fees 9300 yuan. Xiao Xue did not know what to do, and immediately report to the police.
Students comparisons heart trouble online shopping information theft students were arrested .jpg iPhone6 ​​Plus
This morning, the reporter from the Shunyi police that this phone is turned classmate Xiao Xue Lee theft of their personal information to buy. According to Lee explained, because he has a strong family in general and comparisons heart, just by virtue of their own opportunities on campus agents grasp the personal information of students, and then the name of the Internet impersonation installments for mobile phones.

It is understood that Lee theft of two students information buy two mobile phones, this method will also teach Zhou, Zhou followed suit and bought himself a mobile phone. Currently, involving Lee, Zhou has been Shunyi police criminal detention.


Students suddenly received nearly a million reminders

This year, March 10, Beigong Shunyi Campus College sophomore Dan Geng received a site sent a single commodity staging Dunning students Xiao Xue, saying in March this year on the site purchased a staging iPhone6 ​​Plus phone, so far fails to repay, the site now also urging its principal and interest plus fines totaling more than 9300 yuan.

Xiao Xue was very puzzled, quickly contacted the staff of the site that he had never purchased on the site over something that is not wrong site.

After the site staff to verify, confirm and sign the mobile phone has been shipped, the website registration and purchase of mobile phone information is Xiao Xue. Staff said there is no mistake, and prompts him to timely repayment of overdue fines are to be charged, if a malicious arrears, the company does not rule out the use of legal means to recover the arrears.

I never bought this phone, how bill to his head? Xiao Xue suddenly think of it, he had to earn commission to help students filled out their personal information, is it being stolen? March 12, Xiao Xue to the local police station. In the police investigation, but has received little school students and small Zhan Jiang report, they are the same site catalyst also purchase debt phones. So far, involving three victims has increased to 3 million yuan.


Two students who doubts

Shunyi police learned that the site is dedicated to the case for the national college students, providing them with staging consumer financial services platform. As long as the student ID card, phone number, account number and other information to learn communication network can be registered as a member, the platform will be specified by the Ministry of Education review of academic inquiry website registrant information. Students become a member, purchase amount within a certain range can zero down payment installment.

Police learned through communication with the student victims, all three of them when engaged in promotional activities on campus to fill in the site over personal information. Police locked after this line, the distributor site Lee and Zhou two agents to investigate, they were students of the school.

Police found two families in general terms, but the use of mobile phones are iPhone6 ​​Plus, and they replace the phone time with two of the student victims on the site "buy" mobile phone is almost the same time, the police believe Lee, Zhou body shady.

Police station in conjunction with the Criminal Investigation Unit, respectively, to logistics companies, China Unicom and China Mobile, the headquarters site involved to understand the situation, found that shoppers left the phone number of the non-real-name registration. After police carried out a large number of investigations to determine the holders of the phone number is Lee.

In all of the evidence the police have a point Lee, Zhou after two, the police according to the law the two men summoned to the police station for questioning. They presented a lot of evidence before the police, admitted the facts of fraud own classmates.


Love Joneses information theft students to buy mobile phones

According to Lee explained, his childhood family in general, after college, to the monthly cost of living at home is not much. He delivered school girlfriend, usually they love the competition, the cost of living at home is not enough to spend. Lee to make money, a chance to become involved in distributor websites. At the site engaged in promotional activities, the development of each of his members will get $ 80 commission. He felt a little man power, as the lower-level agents recruited Zhou, Zhou and promised each member of a development gave him 10 yuan to 20 yuan commission.

In order to improve the students' enthusiasm, Lee returned to the personal information of students 20 yuan per person commission. Lee has made the personal information of more than 100 students, which makes him a small profit, but it took a few days of running out of money earned.

Lee found that many students get a new phone that he is in the eyes of everyone, "intelligent and path, small business owners can make money," he felt not lag behind others, so he misappropriation of information at their disposal classmates at zero suspects website down payment installment purchase mobile phones. "If you find someone else, I do not pretend to know how it is, anyway, no personal information disclosure is often the case." Lee said he felt people were not suspected.

In this way, students Xiao Xue Lee has stolen personal information of small Zhan, involved in the site to buy two mobile phones, and in which a sale of the resulting money will soon be squandered. After the operation was successful, that he mysteriously turn this method to teach Zhou, Zhou followed suit and bought himself a mobile phone.

Currently, Lee, Zhou suspicion of fraud, has been Shunyi police criminal detention.
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