Friday, April 22, 2016

Small micro-channel video how small forwards forwards iOS9

Small micro-channel video how small forwards forwards iOS9 

Small micro-channel video capabilities with more and more people, but we know that, either bulk or whisper a small video, or circle of friends made ​​a small video, do not support forwarding, how can we like the little video is forwarded to a friend circle it? Domestic jailbreak widget developer @Scholar shelves recently a free utility plug WeChatPlugin, its main function is to support a key forwards small video / text / image, as well as anti-message recall feature, simply too good not to use.

WeChat utility plug WeChatPlugin download and install tutorial:

1, the device has been opened Cydia jailbreak jailbreak store, search [and] WeChatPlugin installation;
2, open micro-channel in group chat or private chat window to find your favorite little video, press and you can see the circle of friends [forwards] option, click to enter the editing / publishing interface; (Note that when you long video by a small select [storage] function, this small video will be temporarily saved to a small video publishing interface, you can edit and publish them later)
3, the micro-channel circle of friends, you can forward your buddy small video posted by the same method.

According to the developer, currently WeChatPlugin has been updated to version 2.0.1, the new version WeChatPlugin addition to supporting small forwards video, but also support forwarding text and image circle of friends, but found only small series 25PP version 1.2.0-1 Cydia, the version 2.0.1 update yet to receive notification.

As the most popular and one of the most widely used social software, micro-channel user base is growing, but the function seems to be some lag, and there is no time to keep up with the pace of user demand, but it'd give developers greater play space. WeChatPlugin plug powerful, easy to operate, not charges, has escaped the user may wish to try it. I did not have time to escape jail or have been cheap hand users, currently only envy jealous hate parts of it.
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