Friday, April 22, 2016

Share iPhone jailbreak users do not develop their own mobile App Tutorials

Share iPhone jailbreak users do not develop their own mobile App Tutorials

 For fruit powder, explore some playability strong play on Apple products is a very interesting thing. Recently, users do not need to lizhengru shared a jailbreak will be able to develop their own mobile App entry-level course, with a look.

  Before the official start of the preparatory work done by the users as follows:

  - Mac devices (OS X version 10.11.3)

  - IPhone6 ​​(iOS version 9.2.1)

  - Xcode version 7.2.1

  Next, enter the formal steps:

  1, with their Apple ID login Developer Center ([ click here ] to enter).

  2, with a data cable to your iPhone phone is connected to your Mac device (unlock the phone and add the trust), then open Xcode.

  3. Select "Create a new Xcode project" to create a new project, and then select a single view, and click Next.

  4. Enter a project name (Product Name), company logo prefix (Organization identifier), the development of language (Language) and equipment (Devices), and click Next, then choose where to save the project, click Create.

  5, fix the code signature issue, add Apple ID, has opened the front step verification Friends need to verify it, add after the completion of the following figure, Close Accounts window, prompting Reset, click Reset, without prompting, please ignore this step, so far code signing issue has been fixed.

  6, icons and add App App loading screen.

  7, modify View Controller properties, add image view, drag Label and Button controls appropriate to modify the appearance and properties.

  8, modify ViewController.m file, giving the button functions.

  Function codes are as follows:

  // Initialize the balloon;

  UIAlertController *alert = [UIAlertController alertControllerWithTitle:@"消息警告" message:@"XXXX" preferredStyle: UIAlertControllerStyleAlert];

  [alert addAction:[UIAlertAction actionWithTitle:@"XX" style:UIAlertActionStyleDefault handler:^(UIAlertAction * _Nonnull action) {

  // Click the button in response to events;



  // Pop-up boxes;

  [self presentViewController:alert animated:true completion:nil];

  9, the program has been rewritten and ready to run in the simulator, and now we have to do is to be allowed to run on the iPhone.

  10. The program has been installed inside the phone, but the system can not be trusted to do now is on the iPhone unlock screen, go to Settings - General - Device Management - application developers, trust your Apple ID, then click in the Running Xcode again. As a result, we have successfully completed the development of a complete program, click on it to try it.

  So, we've created the App should be how to save it? Next we need to do is generate ipa file after installation easy.

  - To find the bottom of the left Xcode Products, in top right, select Show in Finder, so you find original file.

  - drag files to find open iTunes "My app page," the space, thus generating the final XXXX.ipa file.

  - This XXXX.ipa files with other third-party software is installed in the mobile phone on it. Of course, the installation will be prompted to open, then you can trust it, just add trust it.
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