Thursday, April 21, 2016

Samsung's second generation 10nm chip production is expected to be used on a Mac

Samsung's second generation 10nm chip production is expected to be used on a Mac

 As Apple's A series SoC vendors, Samsung this week announced a next-generation 10nm chip will be in production later this year plans, new technology is said to help improve efficiency by 10%. Re / code reports that, in order to promote the leading manufacturing technology and production equipment, Samsung just in Silicon Valley with major chip makers met to announce the launch of the new 14nm and 10nm technology plans. On the 14nm process, the South Korean electronics giant has been ahead of rivals such as Intel and TSMC.

  Samsung's semiconductor division executives Kelvin Low said: "I think we took the lead again, this is not only the story of a win."

  Although Apple may Samsung upcoming low-cost 14nm process is not interested, but the second-generation 10nm process still has hope in the future iOS device utilization.

  After the 2014 overthrow of the exclusive chip supplier locations (TSMC got for iPhone . 6 / Plus. 6 Most orders 20nm A8 SoC), Samsung is trying to regain the iPhone and iPad chip orders.

  Last year, Samsung regained some momentum with TSMC sharing Apple A9 chip manufacturing tasks. Although Samsung 14nm process used, 16nm FinFET process with TSMC, but exactly who is better between the two, it is really hard to say. (A9X or use TSMC's 16nm FinFET process)

  Shortly after the launch of the iPhone 6s, people soon discovered the Samsung / A9 chip foundry TSMC in battery life are quite different - TSMC 16nm FinFET process of production of A9 SoC machine, even greater than the stress tests on the Samsung 14nm A9 chip machine more out of the two hours.

  But Apple quickly came forward to explain the situation, said the test may not reflect actual use under, saying their test data show gaps only 2-3 percentage points.

  According to the latest rumors in the industry, TSMC seemed to win most (or all) of apple A10 chip orders (for iPhone 7), the company is scheduled for full production in the second quarter of this year 16nm FinFET chips.

  Earlier this week, the company said it expected to be in the first half of 2018 7nm trial production processes.
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