Friday, April 22, 2016

Samsung flash memory or reintroduction apple arms

Samsung flash memory or reintroduction apple arms

  According to Korean media reports, Samsung is a company called Protec with the cooperation of the electromagnetic wave shielding material is coated on the NAND flash memory, in order to meet Apple standards, while reducing the volume of NAND flash memory module, and reduce its cost.

  It is worth mentioning that Samsung had Apple iPhone in the flash memory module supplier, but in the iPhone 5 when substituted with SK Hynix, Samsung flash reason electromagnetic interference can not meet Apple's requirements.

  It reported that NAND flash memory module will begin production next year, which means that if Apple once again cooperate with Samsung, then it should iPhone7s / 7s Plus to spend. But the report also pointed out that Apple's current supplier SK Hynix said it is used for the coating to shield electromagnetic interference, that the final level of the two quotations may decide to cooperate with Which Apple.

  According to previous reports, Samsung has lost Apple iPhone 7/7 plus A10 processor orders, TSMC will obtain all of its orders.
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