Friday, April 22, 2016

Refused to spoof and hand cheap new jailbreak widget can

Refused to spoof and hand cheap new jailbreak widget can 

Recently, "1970 brick" problem iOS devices become hot words, some people know the unstoppable curiosity to try to make a lot of death, the results really saw the infinite black and white Apple logo screen. In this regard, the developer ABCydia rushed produced a spoof or hand cheap can prevent a new plug-in BrickDate.

  BrickDate role is very simple, is to prevent iOS device time is set manually to January 1, 1970, which not only prevents the user's own wayward, you can also prevent others from misuse or spoof. BrickDate is a free plug-in, jailbreak users can access BigBoss source search for downloads.

  After installation BrickDate, setup will increase the corresponding options, click on the go can enable or disable plug-in functions, and can set the application to reload. Taking into account the seriousness of the "1970 brick" problem, with the exception of the author seems no one really To test this plugin away trying to set up the device to the "supernatural" time.

  It should be noted, BrickDate is not the solution, but prevention programs, it really hit the "1970 brick" The problem had to patiently waiting for Apple to push new systems to solve, or try to make time to drain the battery to reset method.
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