Saturday, April 16, 2016

Photo understand Huawei P9 Plus

Photo understand Huawei P9 Plus

Huawei finally P9, P9 Plus brought to the country, believe that the real high-end players will pay more attention to P9 Plus, after all, it has a dual cameras, based on the Leica lens, there are many enhancements, the whole is more sturdy.
P9 Plus BNM provide ceramic white, rose gold, amber gold, amber ash appearance of color, 4GB of RAM / 64GB storage version of the 3988 yuan, 4GB RAM / 128GB storage version 4388 yuan, support the entire network.
Photo understand Huawei P9 Plus

In contrast, P9 3GB / 32GB operators agreed to plate 2988 yuan, 3188 yuan entire network version, 4GB / 64GB 3688 yuan.

128GB 4388 yuan! Photo understand Huawei P9 Plus: 7 big highlights

Huawei said, compared to P9, top P9 Plus there are six enhancements:

1, Screen: 5.5-inch full HD, 108% saturation, hue, 1,800,000: 1 contrast ratio.

2, life: 3400mAh battery, dual IC 9V / 2A fast charge, known as the 10-minute charge, call 6 hours, 9 hours battery life aspect 4G Internet access, high-definition video 14 hours, call 23 hours, 65 hours of music.

3, Audio: stereo support Huawei stealth technology (horizontal screen theater stereo audio), putting Wyatt sound technology (vertical screen Hi-Fi level).

4, self-timer: 800-megapixel front camera, F / 1.9 aperture, support dark light Li Yan.

5, the touch: the same pressure sensitive operations, but supports 18 native applications, P9 supports only eight.

6, remote control: Supports intelligent infrared remote control.

In fact, the National Bank version P9 Plus one more thing:

7. Storage: 128GB capacity version adds abroad only 64GB.

Note, however, more pressure-sensitive touch operation only 128GB version, which is 64GB and P9 should be the same.
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