Sunday, April 17, 2016

Parkour Everyday Thunder gem mystery shop of the acquisition

Parkour Everyday Thunder gem mystery shop of the acquisition 

Every day, cool running game, we recently launched a mystery shop activities, mystery shop not only a Japanese family also feed this horse Bingpo Garnett Oh, but redemption is required thunder stones, how to get the Thunder gem it, together See introduction small as we bring.
Parkour Everyday Thunder gem mystery shop of the acquisition method
  Thunder is the only gem props everyone redemption in the tournament mystery shop, the specific acquisition mode as follows:

  1, daily chest.

  Every day as long as we get the first win in the tournament, you can receive a daily chest, which contains the Thunder Gem Oh!

  2, the ultimate chest

  In the settlement of the season when, according to Dan obtained the highest player of the season, can be obtained containing a different number of gems reward Thunder, there are additional Diamond reward it!

  The tournament is divided into the following Dan: bronze 3 Bronze 2 Bronze 1 silver 3 silver 2 silver, 1 gold 3 gold 2 gold 1 platinum 3 platinum 2 platinum 1, Diamond 3 Diamond 2 diamonds 1, the strongest king. Dan liter a day will be more of a chest Thunder gem. If we can get the strongest Dan King, the ultimate chest can have 1000 Thunder jewel, just buy buy buy!

  Thunder gem Obtaining so much, then we need to redeem for receiving mysterious store reward, this time there are four new products: ice crystal Garnett, sushi, Aberdeen, flying red wing, gilded robes.

  Among these incentives, we recommend that you exchange S priority level flying red wings, sushi, Aberdeen.

  Red Wings soar glide system can increase the role of the maximum acceleration, and S-class treasures, should be able to follow multiple versions.

  As a budding young wizard sushi, even if not to force, but also a plus in the background, never out of date.

  As Garnett ice crystal and gilded robes it, if you already have flying mounts points, then you do not need ice crystal Garnett; the gilded robes and although Don Kozo S-class treasures, there is no guarantee that it would not expire in Thunder Gem under limited circumstances, priority or two before that rewards it.

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