Sunday, April 17, 2016

Parkour Everyday survive the test mode with Raiders

Parkour Everyday survive the test mode with Raiders

 Parkour Everyday play four games in the tournament, in order to achieve victory how to match it in the game, the following small series to recommend Parkour Everyday survival test mode how to match it.
Parkour Everyday survive the test mode with the Raiders .png

  Winning condition for survival mode is the distance, who ran away whoever wins, it is recommended that you carry life-saving ability of the role!

  TOP1 vampire Count clouded leopard + + Flying clown bear Bahamut +

  Recommended reason: the vampire Count of life-saving ability, the S-class treasures equipment rose a sharp knife and then also get some time invincible, is currently the most popular long-range 188 Diamond Field role.

  TOP2 trial Bing Feng Garnett Queen + + + Green Dire Bahamut

  Recommended reason: As a vampire family, the Queen also has the ability to revive the trial of treasure after equipment orders trial sprint queen acquire skills, can be called the female version of the game Earl!

  TOP3 dark purple wings baby dragon + + + Fuluo La Bears captain

  Recommended reason: almost the whole night baby is a larger role in the party and hand residues novice party dedicated role, plus high but not really more than enough to run away from!
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