Thursday, April 21, 2016

Pangu iOS9.1 perfect escape tool when the jailbreak update iOS9.2.1?

Pangu iOS9.1 perfect escape tool when the jailbreak update iOS9.2.1?

Every time a hacker team released jailbreak the tool, many people will be excited to download and install the first time. However, for some "old driver", the release of the jailbreak tool only the first step, they do not rush the first time trial. Recalling the history of the past because, at least for a jailbreak tool through patch updates 2-4 times before stabilizing. Pangu team last week released for the iOS9.1 perfect escape tool, five days later, the first update has arrived.

According to the official website of Pangu learned that the current Windows version of jailbreak tool has been updated to v1.3.1, Mac version is updated to v1.1.1, jailbreak users can directly download by Pangu official website.

As previously jailbreak tool release, the new users can use the latest jailbreak tool through the official network channels, but in the past few years have used the original version iOS9.1 jailbreak tool users can also directly Cydia update. According Pangu team statement after updating tool may still lead to an unsuccessful escape, but they added a tool function, when the device will automatically restart failed try again until it succeeds.

Has been closed for a verification of the iOS version, the difficulty of development jailbreak tool is undoubtedly greater. So if you encounter this or that problem in iOS9.1 jailbreak process, it is recommended wait for the update tool.
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